People’s message: Let Qingshan often in the green water

    In the near 20 years of contracted, I fill in 4 troops and repaired five soil dams, built 4 reservoirs, afforestation, and newly built roads, irrigation channels, and opened nursery, seedling base.

Looking at the past gully turned into a piece of table, looking at the seedlings in the terraces growing new branches, the mountains on the mountains were green, the mountains and the green trees were treated, and the hearts couldn’t say joy. The tree planting greening ride is not a thing in a short half. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the afforestation greening is a contemporary, and the benefits in the Qianqiu, the first year will be dried, one generation Take the sleeve to refuel. This is an inspiration to our planting people! I will remember my mission and continue to take the afforestation greening.

  - Qinghai Province Haitong City afforestation model large farmer Xiang Sheng in 1970 In the past 48 years, Qinghai never furously went to Qingshan, and had a huge change. Nanshan two mountains, Qingsong cedar, birds and flowers, air fresh, called a beautiful.

Greening work is a constant career. Although I have retired, but still willing to go back to the forest farm, whole land, digging, seedling, planting, loose soil, watering … looking at the tree seedlings like your child, grow slowly I am happy.

  - Qinghai Province planting forest labor model Wei people’s people have been afraid of nature in Qinghai, the people of Qinghai, who live in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, yearning for green, loved green, this kind of love, only the high altitude people can experience it. A tree, like a child, the hardship, and only forestry people can experience. The wild mountain is green, the trees are thick, the environment is good, and the future is worth looking forward to.

In the future, you need to turn green mountains into Jinshan Yinshan, which requires me of forestry workers, directly goes to the fields, walked to the wilderness of the wilderness, turning the goal of land greening into their actual actions, and walking Yangshan, the road to Lin Yanglin, let the green hills are often in the green water.

  - Qinghai Province, Jiagan Forest Park Engineer Xie Lifezhi, "Guangming Daily" (February 14, 2018) [Editor: Sun Mandarin].