Qingdao Jikhanghai Street: Establish a full-time grid team to open the service the masses

People’s Network Qingdao December 10th electric-door shop to investigate safety hazards, there is no parking phenomenon in the inspection community, listen to the residentiality phone calls to carry out the service … This is the full-time grid of the ancient city community in Chaohai Street every day. Work.

It is understood that this year, in order to crack the problem of grassroots governance, Chaohai Street Innovation Exploring the new model of the grassroots social governance, dispelling the relevant departments, concentrating on concentrating office to address governance problems, and establishing a full-time nets in the ancient city community, implementing " One member, full-time equipped ", full-time nets carefully fulfill their job responsibilities, and conduct a national inspection, discovery, resolution, and reporting mesh every day.

According to reports, the community will re-establish the original 27 grids into 15 grids, openly recruit 15 full-time nets, and carry out "one person and one" grid management work. Incorporation of people, things, land, things, love, in the community into grid management, as the head of the neighborhood committee, with the unit in the building (unit), each building has a building long, each unit There is a single yuan long, and select 55 buildings, 118 units long, and put the power of non-public enterprises and professional social organizations in the grid into the grid, and achieve full participation, seamless docking, Precision service.

"15 network whose establishment first-class" Netcher Exchange Group ", each full-time grid established two" floor long exchange group ", three" unit long exchange group ", and directly Extended to residential households, move forward to the door. Residents and the people will report the problem, contradictory dispute, suggestions, and the proposal of the residents through WeChat exchange group. Netcher timely respond, timely report, timely handle, accumulate various problems 122 pieces, including 15 of various types of typical puzzles, realize the whistle, people, and the "last meter" of the service masses.

"The person in charge of the ancient city community said." Strengthening the construction of a full-time netger team, consolidating the foundation of the grassroots social governance, with grid management to promote the improvement of the grassroots social governance work.

"The relevant person in charge of the street said, next, the street surrounded the construction, improve the mechanism, standardization process, innovation practice, improve the grassroots governance, and creating a new sample of grassroots governance. (Responsiben) (Editor: Snow, Xing Manhua) Share let more people see recommendation reading.