Self-confidence in "theoretical consciousness" (commentator observation)

Recognize the value of the Chinese system, in order to understand the "China’s Governance" is not easy; grasp the significant advantage of the Chinese system, in order to firmly go to China’s road, the more confident, the more you can inspect the performance of the system. Anhui Qixian, heavy rain raid blocking road, local public security, fire, militia emergency team, the night frame, the pontoon, guaranteeing more than 2,000 candidates to complete the college entrance examination; Hubei Huangmei, the river embankment has dangerous, thousands of empty soldiers are going to the scene, fight a day night Hold the embankment. At present, my country has entered the critical period of flood control, and all parties have strengthened coordination and strive to rescue.

From the monitoring warning, the embankment investigation, to emergency disposal, the affected people are placed, and the deployment is organized, and the actions are rapidly and efficient, once again highlight the system advantage behind China’s strength. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "the system advantage is the biggest advantage of a country." Remail the value of the Chinese system, can understand the "China’s rules" is not easy; grasp the significant advantage of the Chinese system, in order to firmly go to China’s road.

Not long ago, the 2020 popular theoretical reading "China Institutions" issued by the Central Propaganda Department, "China Institute of Face", from the theoretical interpretation, news perspective, problem awareness and other dimensions, what is the socialist system of Chinese characteristics, Chinese characteristics Why is the socialist system, and the socialist system of the Chinese characteristics will make 16 major issues such as steadyness. This book is accurate, easy to understand, it is helpful to further enhance the theoretical consciousness, firm system confidence, and contribute to the implementation of party central decision-making deployment.

Can prevent significant risks, which is a test stone that tests the quality of the system.

In the struggle against neozurial pneumonia epidemic, from deploying careful emergency combat, to the life rescue of Qiangshan River, then to unite mutual assistance, we adhere to the national play, unified command, unified action, to give the country, high quality resources, In order to defeat the epidemic, it has become a combination, which makes people feel more intuitively to the huge advantages of the socialist national system and the national governance system, and more profoundly recognize the powerful vitality and significant advantages of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics. The system has global, stability, tube, and the long-term management, it is reflected in the stress of "chaos and clouds still", and also contains the toughness of "biting the green hills."

Looking back, the northwestropolis strokes across the northwestern China, poverty alleviation, poverty, poverty poverty decades, such as one day … Analysis "China’s rule" system password, it is not difficult to find that only to adhere to the party’s leadership, can "paint a blueprint to the bottom", in order to promote China Featured socialism provides strong guarantee; only to adhere to the people-centered, in order to effectively reflect the people’s will, protect people’s rights and interests, stimulate people’s creativity, condense with the same strength, and fight for pounds; only concentrated strength, In order to make it impossible to change, create another incredible miracle.

The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC has summarized the significant advantages of my country’s national system and national governance system, which is both a summary of the spirit of the theoretical level. It is also a deep summary of practice. struggle.

In the long run, the system has a dynamic evolution, the process of developing a perfect process, should make corresponding adjustments and improvements over time, environment, and conditions.

For example, for the short board and shortcomings exposed during the prevention and control of the epidemic, we strengthen the public health rule of law, reform and improve the disease prevention and control system, reform and improve the serious epidemic prevention and control system, improve the medical insurance and rescue system, and improve the unified Emergency material security system; in the face of heavy reform and development stability tasks, we rely on reform response to the change of the change, develop new bureaus, pay more attention to system and governance system construction, and focus on solving deep system mechanisms. Timely summing up the good experience in practice, accelerate the establishment of a system of improving national governance, to meet the growing healthy life of the people requires the necessary system, and the socialist system of Chinese characteristics can be more mature, thereby further highlighting the strength advantage, The generator is energetic. "Listening to moving story, discovering the success secrets of the Chinese system." Watch the animation micro video of "China Institutions face-to-face", some netizens are so emotional. Today, I look up to the socialist building of the Chinese Characteristic Socialism, we are very proud; Xi Zhuang Avenue, which stepped into socialism with Chinese characteristics, our confidence is full. Self-confidence, stimulating system advantages, gathering for strength, we must attack hard, brave, and constantly open up the new realm of "China’s rules", write a new chapter in reform and development.