Shanxi 224 real estate agent intermediary transaction contracts have not been filed

  Original title: The provincial capital of 224 real estate intermediary transaction contracts have not been filed in November 6th to 15th, the Taiyuan City Real Estate Bureau, Market Supervision Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Urban and Rural Administration, four departments in housing rental intermediaries chaos "double random "In the linkage law enforcement inspection, the contract of the housing lease trading contract of 224 real estate intermediaries has not been filed by the property bureau.

  Taiyuan citizens can log in to Taiyuan Housing Management Bureau official website to find 224 list of real estate agencies. Taiyuan City Real Estate Bureau requires companies to carefully rectify, and the transaction housing lease trading contract will go to the housing rental registration and registration of house rental registration. At the same time remind the general public, before choosing second-hand housing brokerage agencies, first check the institution’s business license and real estate brokerage institutions, do not choose non-compliance intermediary, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble and loss.

When signing the contract, carefully study the provisions of the contract, fully understand whether the rights obligations of the two sides are equal, whether the default responsibility is clear. (Zhang Lei).