Redmi Note 11 Pro + Upgrade 120W Fairy Second

  On October 28th, Redmi held a new product conference on "speed war, a moment of full of blood", officially brought three new products: Note115G, Note11pro, Note11Pro +, charge power is 33W, 67W, 120W, completed family faster upgrade. Where Note11Pro + is equipped with 120W "Shenxian Second Charge", a series of cutting-edge technologies such as high-efficiency dual charge pumps, MTW double-skewers, etc., only 15 minutes can charge a 4500mAh large battery to 100%. Note11pro, Pro + also equipped with Samsung AMOLED high-brush screen, 100 million pixel camera, JBL symmetric double speaker and other superior advantage, comprehensively transcend Note’s previous product positioning, straightforward, this is the most comprehensive and universal experience in the Note series. Diamond. Top 120W second charge, 4500 large battery is filled with only a trick Note11pro + is the first mobile phone with 120W fast charge, which uses the industry’s advanced high efficiency dual charge pump, and MTW multi-euron dual battery cells, effectively reduces charging Impedance, lower charging, mixing MI-FC fast charge, only 15 minutes can charge a 4500mAh capacity large battery to 100%, and the charging speed industry is top-level. And, Note11Pro + 120W "Shenxian Second charge" is also equipped with 40 security protection, and passed the German Rhein TüV Rheinland safe and fast charge, not only filling quickly, but also stable. Note11PRO is more important for life, using a larger capacity of 5160mAh batteries to meet the weight of the day.

With 67W fast charge, it takes only 43 minutes to charge 100%.

  120Hz high refresh rate, Samsung high quality AMOLED screen This is the first time to carry an OLED screen, Note11pro, Note11Pro + use Samsung AMOLED screen, which is more delicate than conventional OLED display. And support 120Hz high refresh rate and 360 Hz touch sampling rate, no matter how the game or information browsing can have a smoother experience.

  At the same time, the Note11PRO series also has been significantly upgraded on the screen viewing details, only the side frames, supplemented by ultra-small front hole, ensuring excellent positive viewing. Support 360 ° before and after the double-ray sensor, use in different light environments, automatic brightness transition is more natural and free.

In addition, the screen supports DCI-P3 color gamut, eye protection mode, sun screen, etc., and through SGS high frame / eye protection, it is the best screen in history. 100 million pixels ultra-clear image regression, support Jiuhe one μM large pixel Note series adhere to the fast decent drop of flagship images, Note11pro, Note11Pro + all equipped with 100 million pixel super clear imaging systems.

The main photo is Samsung HM2 sensor, has 1 / "large bottom, support pixel nine-in-one technology, can fusion μM large pixel, with double native ISO, dark light environment can also take lower noise, transparent high quality Big film. More direct output 100 million pixels, retain more picture details, easy to enlarge, crop the second composition. Super wide-angle lens is 8 megapixels, with a 120 ° big perspective, especially suitable for shooting a grand building, enhanced pictures Expressive. 2 million macro lens, has closer focus, suitable for capturing micro-detail pictures. JBL professional tuning symmetry dunculator, support Dolby Panorama Note11pro, Pro + further enhances the sound performance of the external place, built-in JBL Professional adjusted symmetrical stereo donsors. Two 1115 super linear speakers have a large amplitude, realizing the shocking field of left and right zero deviations. With Dolby Panorama, you can further enhance the sound of the sound, three-dimensional sense. 920 processor, equipped with VC liquid cooling hot amn rabbit running over 500,000 performance, Note11pro, Pro + first day 玑 920 high-performance processor, using leading TSMO 6NM process, A78 + G68 new architecture, maximum frequency, An Rabbit runs more than 500,000. In the "King Glory" 90 frame mode, it has a smooth performance close to full frame.

To ensure long-term stability of output performance, Note11Pro, Pro + VC Flagship also equipped with liquid cooling, with graphite, copper and other thermally conductive gel heat-dissipating material, composition of three-dimensional cooling system, the heat dissipation area of ??up to 12600mm2, the main body heat to achieve full coverage, regardless of the game or charge the scene, can make the phone the moment calm. Trend small stand-edge design, the suspension process starting holographic appearance, Note11Pro, Pro + changed in the past two sleek style, with a new trend of small stand-edge design, tough style is more simple.

Sided glass body, the front fifth-generation using Gorilla Corning Glass, with high haze AG back surface grinding process, so that the whole texture more moist.

At the same time, Note11Pro series also features a slim design, thickness only whole, but also appears to be very slim.

Note11Pro has a mysterious black border, fog forest, purple quiet time, shallow dream Galaxy (glossy glass) four color, Note11Pro + provides mysterious black mirrors, fog forest, quiet time three color purple. Note11Pro + also co-brand ambassador Wang Yibo, will launch a special limited edition Note11 trend YIBODESIGN. Global holographic starting the suspension process, the micron-sized Redmilogo 150x magnification, it seemed as if suspended in the body surface, if the future trend from magic. This version also joined from Sa Motor Speedway cool curve effect, and a fluorescent green signature Bo.

And a protective shell and comes defining plate defines, Limited 9785 within the package sleeve.

  In addition, Note11Pro, Pro + also supports multi-function NFC, with a headphone jack, X-axis linear motor, side fingerprint, functional experience more complete.

  Note115G: thousand Yuan 5G experience big upgrade Note115G is more focused experience upgrade, equipped with a new generation 5G chip DNT 810, supports 5G + 5G dual sim dual standby, security Bunny ran sub-super-390,000.

Upgrade 33W fast charge, a large battery 5000mAh 62 minutes to charge to 100%, compared to previous generations charging speed is almost doubled. Other aspects, Note115G also equipped with 90Hz refresh high, 128GB storage from large, dual stereo speakers, X-axis linear motors, infrared remote control, headphone jack, support and other spill-resistant IP53 live, word of mouth experience almost fully deployed. Note115G has a mysterious black border, shallow dream Galaxy, a little drunk mint three color, provide 4 + 128GB, 6 + 128GB, 8 + 128GB, 8 + 256GB four versions, suggested retail price for the 1199,1299,1499 and 1699 yuan .

  Both trends partner: RedmiWatch2 and RedmiBuds3 youth version of the second generation new upgrade, RedmiWatch2 still the main light and colorful. Provide deep space blue, elegant black, ivory body and an additional three-color table three green pine needles, light brown tea, cherry pink three-color bracelet, fashion wild.

The only 31g lightweight design, comfortable wearing experience no sense.

  Show respect, RedmiWatch2 a "large-size AMOLED screen, with a very narrow frame design, the proportion jumped to screen%, delicacy has been greatly improved.

More than 100 models of massive multi-style and personality as well as dial-screen information display can be rotated daily, fully meet the individual needs of each person. Sports health, under RedmiWatch2 adding a new independent satellite positioning chips, support for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass four global satellite positioning system, outdoor sports scene, can be more precise positioning trajectory. RedmiWatch2 has a total of 117 kinds of movement patterns, which contains 17 kinds of professional sports mode, with professional sports algorithms, precise monitoring and analysis of heart rate during exercise longer and consume, all to meet the needs of different kinds of sports, improve the efficiency of movement.

It also supports oximetry, heart rate monitor and sleep monitoring, health status, in one hand.

  The new upgrade low-power chip, with battery life optimization algorithm, can provide 12 days long life.

In addition, RedmiWatch2 also features a new magnetic charger, supports full-featured NFC, 5ATM waterproof, small love the students, provide more convenience for everyday use. RedmiBuds3 youth version introduces a new look, the charging case smaller and more compact, more rounded, better grip. Headset ear design, with a unique cat ear shape, so that the wearer of stability and comfort was compromised. Further, in order to improve the charging and handling convenience, RedmiBuds3 youth version of Type-C further upgraded to an interface and a touch button, rechargeable anywhere, controllable tap.

  Other aspects, RedmiBuds3 youth using the latest version of Bluetooth transmission protocol, connection faster and more stable. Chips, RedmiBuds3 youth version have also been upgraded, with charging case, it can achieve up to 18 hours of long battery life.