Shuangliu Western Airport Street: Based on Science and Education to create a high-end platform for modern industries

  The Western Airport Street is located in the south suburbs of Chengdu, which is affiliated to the Southwest Airway Economic Development Zone, Shuangliu District, Chengdu, with an area of ??approximately 38 square kilometers, and jurisdiction over 16 communities. There are about 10,000 people.

Western Airport Street is the core area of ??Chengdu and Shuangli Industrial Development. It has formed a pharmaceutical industry, electronic telecommunications industry, machinery manufacturing textile industry, and the green food industry’s four pillar industries. Yichang Western Airport Industry Profile Western Airport Street is committed to building an emerging electronic information industry as the core, with a new energy industry, biological industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry as the "one core three dominant system" with innovation research and development system. "The high-end platform of modern industry has formed a pharmaceutical industry represented by Tai Chi, Huaying. The electronic telecommunications industry represented by Shuangliu heat shrink products and Changjiang communications materials; the mechanical manufacturing industry represented by Katem ball valve; Green food industry represented by grain and oil and Hongchang food; the pillar industry such as the hotel service industry represented by Chengdu Home International Hotel (five-star). Science and Education Industry New City Western Airport Port Street Jurisdiction, the research institute is gathered, there is a centralized development zone of the Western Airport, Chengdu Airlines Logistics Park, the Endending Department Economic Park; China Academy of Optoelectronics, Nuclear Industry, Southwest Physics Research Institute, Southwest Chemical Engineering Research Institute; Sichuan University, Southwest University for Nationalities, Chengdu Information Engineering University and other teaching and research institutions have formed a potential "Western Guanggu" and "talent depression" advantages, becoming a large number of high, fine and sharp research projects in my country. land.

  Development planning has development, potential, this is the self-confidence of Western Airport Street, now, to the future. In 2018, Western Airport Street wounded around the central target of China Western Airport, gathering the strengths and technological strengths of colleges and campus in the jurisdiction, strong science and technology, and striving to build a university intelligence economy circle and university industrial city; actively assist enterprises to resolve projects, The problems in the development of operations, strengthen the radiation driving of commercial circles along the airport road, and gradually form a new pattern of airport service industry, and construct high-end business districts in accordance with "Huan University Wisdom New Town" and "Empty Economic Circles".