"Tianbun" shoulder and prevent damage to the loss of Taiwan’s windproof disaster

  The Taiwan meteorological department released the typhoon "Tianda" on the morning on September 22. The "Tianbun" "Tianda" in this year is not directly landed, but there are still nearly 100,000 units of power failure. Strong winds are shrouded from the evenings in the evening. Some urban towns in the southeastern cultivation and seawater are filled with water and become a water town.

  4000 people warmed by the "Tianda" typhoon influence, the largest gust of the Hengchun Peninsula in the south of Taiwan has a largest gust of 14th, and Taipei also appeared 9 gusts.

The southernmost Pingdong County goose nose rolled up a high 14-meter large waves.

Taiwan’s Lanlu, the largest wind up to 17 levels. The typhoon causes multiple danger. As of the morning of the 22nd, approximately 10 people were injured, and 6 of them were injured by the wind that was blown down by the wind. He was affected by Hengchun Peninsula with the largest in the rain, withdraws from more than 4,000 residents. On the 21st, the famous Title of Taitung’s top tourism attractions were encountered by this spa village, and the mountain flooded village. The police mobilized more than 100 people to search and rescued 31 trapped people with alarm and sandbar.

However, more than 50 houses have been swallowed by floods, and some houses are even flooded. The seawater in the nine shed villages in Manzhou Township, Pingtung County, and the villagers thought that the tsunami was happened.

Pour the sea water to promote the coral reef, branches and seaweed with stones.

After the village chief issued a help, the Taiwan military helped withdraw from the villagers. Typhoon has caused nearly 100,000 units of power failure.

There are nearly 40,000 units of power outages on 21st.

Taiwan’s third nuclear power plant is shut down from the wind.

  Disaster prevention and instructions are meticulous in Facebook, and the 8-year 80 billion yuan of New Taiwan currency budget is determined in the past 80 billion yuan in the past 80 billion, which has been considerably, it is quite effective, but the outside world is questioned. Preparing to invite scholar experts, complete the effectiveness assessment in the 30 months, "The treatment of water will continue to do".

  Taiwan’s wind and rain is still developing a relatively mature anti-relief mechanism.

In addition to doing infrastructure construction such as sewers, one of them is to take temporary preventive measures.

Ma Ying-jeou special emphasized the importance of "preventive evacuation" in the face, "Although the withdrawal of the resettlement center may only be empty, it avoids possible disasters, which is absolutely worth". " He said that since 2009, the "Morak" of "Morak" has caused great losses in Taiwan, Taiwan’s preventive evacuation work has been very thorough and has been affirmed by the international height. Whenever the typhoon is coming, the Taiwan authorities will urge each county and municipal government to master the urban sewer clear, water conservancy facilities, river dredging and construction of all engineering disaster prevention measures, and the transportation department will prevent preventive and bridges to prevent preventiveness. Control measures. The "Agricultural Committee" is responsible for notifying the fishery radio to call on the hustle and fishery boats to enter the harbor to avoid the wind.

Highway Administration, Sightseeing Bureau, Tower Tie, Agricultural Co., Ltd. and hotel operators maintain horizontal links, simultaneously publish road warning messages, and people can get road warning information at any time through the "Road Defense Information System" of online and App platforms. Some windproof instructions are very meticulous.

Former Typhoon "Su Li" this year, the education department instructs the school to prepare the waterproof sandbags, transfer the document file, computer, and book transfer building. The room is above the second floor, urgently repair the branches in the school, and avoid being blown by the wind. Affect the drain and the like. (This newspaper Taipei on September 22).