"Warm Color Tune" in the cold in the winter tour

Enter the winter, the Jianghuai earth is new.Our province has a wealth of winter cultural tourism resources, from the famous mountain show, hot spring health to the ice and snow movement, tourists can always taste the different "Anhui taste" in the cold winter, feel different "Anhui Heat" in the short season of traditional tourism.

The landscape tour is a different landscape "odd tree leaves the cold, the god pool.

"A few days ago, the Huangshan Scenic Area ushered in the first snow in this winter. Suitable wrapped in the yarn, strange stone, Wan Mountain like a fairy tale world, attracting many tourists and photography enthusiasts"Winter Snow" in one of the "Warm" and "Huangshan Five" is intoxicated.

Anhui is coming to famous mountains, Dachuan, and Xihu Lake. Let the big traveler Xu Xiamen sigh Huangshan, China Buddhism four famous mountains, the Tang Dynasty, the poet, Li Bai, "Qifeng, Qi Yun, Xiu Mu, Xiu Yi" Tianzhu Mountain; moisturizing the Yutian Wanhua River, string The Yangtze River in the famous city; the vast champion of the eight hundred miles of smoke, the charming Lake, the bright, and the beautiful scenery from Huaibei to Jiangnan. Every winter, due to the cold and frozen, the landscape scenic spot is often attractive, so the traditional tourism market generally regards winter travel as "off season".

In fact, for the landscape scenic spots, the four seasons of the year are different, and the winter travel can meet different scenery and see a different scenery. In order to attract tourists, scenic spots, travel agencies, there will be a variety of benefits.

For example, Huangshan will reduce tickets every winter season, and will launch a tourist guide. Invite tourists to view the dream of clouds, enjoy the beauty sunrise, meet the famous Buddha light, the authentic emblem, and pray for the New Year.

In order to prepare the winter tourism market, Anhui Zhongqing Travel is about to launch "10,000 people tour Tianzhu Mountain" products in mid-December, and 89 yuan can enjoy the day tour of Tianzhu Mountain. Zhao Chunwang, Director, Dienda Center, Anhui Zhongqing, believes: "In the condition of epidemic, the province’s visit, the surrounding tour is most popular.

Visitors choose winter time travel, not only can avoid travel peaks, but also province the next expenditure. "Hot Spring Tour has received physical and mental health, recently, Yuexi County The 6th Tianyue Bay Hot Spring Complex Tourism Culture Loin. In two months, the organizer will carry out" I love hometown, Damei Yuexi "parent-child activities "Ice and snow two days" hot spring ski winning activities, Nanjing Hefei Anqing Qian people self-driving activities, "Yuexi on the tongue" Yuexi Top Top Ten Specialties, Yuexi "Year" New Year Festival, Tianyue Bay First Plaster Health Festival and other activities.

Hot springs are media, add a fire to the calm winter tour.

With the improvement of living standards, people’s attention to health is increasingly deepening, and the intensive tourism is more and more popular.

Especially in the cold winter, helping the old bubbles a hot spring, while driving the chill, harvesting physical and mental health, andcomes more and more tourists.

"When the temperature will continue to fall in every year, the hot spring tour will become the ‘larger.

In recent years, our province has strive to build a well-known tourism industry, including the hot spring health tour, especially by the winter tourism market. "The person in charge of the Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall said.

Jianghuai has a rich spa resource.

Chaohu Half Soup Hot Spring Health Resort, Collection of Tangshan, Chaohu City, is the first "national tourist resort" in our province.

The Tangchi Hot Spring Tourist Resort in Qijiang County has the largest open-air garden-style hot spring Galal Spa Resort in East China. Asia’s largest indoor Top Hot Spa Guaxuan Hot Spring Palace, the first space floating theme hot spring Tangchi No.1 Spring, the Yangtze River Delta area Successfully created the first batch of healthy towns in Anhui Province.

Township Town, Huoshan County, Huoshan County, the hills, planned to build 10 different topics, 10 health apartments, and 1 hot spring center that can accommodate 5,000 people at the same time. "Anhui, in the junction of the north, winter, the winter tourism project is less.

Under the influence of continuous epidemic, the dynamics in winter will be further reduced.

If the hot springs are tours for a breakthrough, multivariate winter tourism products can increase the appeal of Anhui Winter Tourism.

Xu Hua, President of Anhui Global Culture Tourism Group, said.

Sports travel experience, the ice and snow charm, the Anhui Province, hosted by the Provincial Sports Bureau, was launched by the Beijing Winter Olympics countdown, will promote the popular campus ice and snow movement, accelerate the construction of ice and snow, establish the provincial ice and snow sports association, and establish Anhui Youth The Ice Hockey U Series team leads more people to understand, participate in the ice and snow movement. With the increasing winter of Beijing Winter Olympics, the ice and snow movement is becoming a fashion movement, and promoting the rapid growth of relevant sports tourism industries.

As an emerging national fitness exercise project, Anhui ice and snow movement is weak. In recent years, under the leadership of the government, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of social participation, replenish the ice and snow sports venues and techniques, and promote sports and tourism accelerated integration.

At present, a batch of winter sports infrastructure such as Ski Park, Maanshan Kiqiao Ski Ski, Anhui Province Five Ring Snow Hall has been built and put into use, and has created favorable conditions for citizens and tourists.

The Dabie Mountain Ski Park is located in Shiguan Township, Yuexi County, is the first alpine ski resort in our province. It is also the only alpine ski resort.

Natural snowfall plus physical savings, filled the blank of Anhui Free Outdoor Ski Resort and became the preferred destination for winter ski resort tourism in East China. Ma’anshan Zhengdu Gangxin District enlighten Qiaobo Bingsho World Fantasy Snow Elf City, etc., etc.

The Wuhuan Ice Snow Hall of Anhui Province is the first comprehensive indoor ice and snow sports hall in our province, with more than 600 square meters of real-ice museum, the first standard curly path and 3 ski simulators in Anhui. According to the person in charge of the mass sports department of the Provincial Sports Bureau, the provincial government has issued the "Anhui National Fitness Implementation Plan (2021-2025)", which has been widely carried out extensively, and the masses of ice and snow movements are widely held. The masses of ice and snow activities have promoted the ice and snow project into the campus, and the provincial roller searches and roller skating leagues are taken to achieve 10 million people.

With the increasing popularity of ice and snow, ice and snow sports facilities are constantly improving, and Ice and Snow Movement is expected to become an important force point for sports tourism in the province, especially winter tourism.

(Reporter Zhang Idea).