"Two Learning One Do" series of counseling: enhance "four awareness"

Compared with the past, the current party member team is more growing, the ideas, value orientation is more diverse, and the difficulty of forming consensus is also increased."People’s Daily" is pointed out. For example, some party members know the law of political discipline and political rules, still do not cover the mouth, only the picture is applauded, regardless of the image; some lead cadres know the right windThe big potential is not the active "enter", but ponder how to "break the window"; there is still a way to change the head is the way, but only want to move the meat in the bowl in someone else, don’t want to move your ownVegetables.It is because of the sense of consciousness, so that they have forgotten the steps, I chose me to go. I have forgotten the same as the way, I have chosen the words and deeds, and even the queue is unique.