[Review line] Loess Feng Net Review: Never stop in the new rush road

From November 8th to 11th, the sixth plenary meeting of the Ninth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held.

In the Sixth Plenary Session, in the warm atmosphere of the 10th year of the Communist Party of China, the history of the "two-year hundred years" struggle was held, and the great mission of the opposite will be held in front of it. The plenary session is fully summarized in the "resolution" to fully summarize our party’s 100-year journey, and promote the new era of all nationalities and the new era of China’s characteristic socialism, and realize the Chinese nation. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, it has a significant practical meaning and profound history. The Plenary Session has been put forward that since the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese Communist Party has always made a happiness of the Chinese people, and the Chinese nation is scheduled to make a mission of its own initial heart, always adhere to the ideals of communism and socialist beliefs, and unity lead the people of all ethnic groups. Strive for national independence, people’s liberation and realizing the country is strong, and the people are happy and unremitting, and they have gone through a hundred years of glory.

The party and the people have struggled for a hundred years of people, written the most magnificent epic in the history of the Chinese nation.

The best commemoration of history is to create new history. The brilliant history of China’s development is created by the Chinese Communists and the Chinese people. For my party, it is destined to become a sustainable "hurry" from a hundred years ago.

The founding of New China is the first shocking world of the world in the road, from standing, rich, strong, and achieve the first hundred years of struggle, it is the party in the road to the road. Two answers to the world.

At present, our party is leading the people of all ethnic groups from all ethnic groups to the second hundred years of struggle. It can be described as the third answer sheet of our party, the convening of the Sixth Plenary Session, the comprehensive summary of the 100-year journey, greet the party’s 20th National Help, more Strengthen us to continue to take the test, hand over the confidence of more excellent answers.

I don’t forget the beginning, I have to always.

The wind and rain, the fire is passed; the road is blue, and Yu Yu is successful.

The Communist Party of China is determined by the Chinese nation’s thousand autumn wines, and it is precisely in a hundred years. A hundred years of journey, after thousands of difficulties, our party can continue to give the people to the people on the road, only have a good answer to history, only because of the beginning of the stormy, willful as steel. Through a hundred years of struggle, our party accumulated "adhere to the party’s leadership, adhere to the people’s first, adhere to theoretical innovation, adhere to the independence, adhere to the Chinese road, adhere to the innovation, adhere to the development and innovation, insist on the struggle, adhere to the unified front, adhere to the self-revolution" Big treasure experience, that is, we continue to take the test, the spiritual strength and confidence of the more excellent answer, must be cherished, long-term adherence, and continue to enrich and develop in the practice of the new era, the key is to keep in mind the initial mission, always modest and cautious, Not arrogant, hard struggle, not afraid of any risk, not confused for any interference, to achieve a stand-end goal, with the persistence of the Qingshan does not relax, with the fineness of the Chinese nation, half-ninety, unreasonable .

Fate of the nation, everyone is responsible. Realizing the new great victory of the new era of Chinese characteristics, realizing the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, achieving the second hundred years of struggle, is a biggest test answer from the Chinese Communists firmly and need to hand over, It is also a common test and answers that need to be handed over. The 100-year journey of the Communist Party of China told us that there is a long way to journey. Establishing new China, building a new China, every goal is not successful, it is never "heavenly fell", but the party leaders the people of the country not afraid of difficult, hard struggles, innovation creation, and pioneering. At present, facing the world’s 100-year testing and various difficult challenges, the people of all nationalities must be firmly believed to be with the party, and they can do their best to do this answer. Take a test forever on the road. Don’t forget yesterday’s suffering, innocent today’s mission, do not bear the great dreams of tomorrow, we must take Dongfeng in the Sixth Plenary Session, respond to the Party Central Committee, in the history of the call, create the future, the head is hard, and the brave will welcome The party’s 20th National Help and Realistic Trunk Action, in order to achieve new and greater contributions to the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, never stop, better books on the new rushing road.

(Jia Huanxiang).