However, this person did not affect the speed of escape because of pain.。

I disappeared in a smoky.。
Wait until you can’t see this person from the sight of fishing children.,Lin lives in the secret room of the fishing girl returned to the water chamber.,This is from his body.。
This is to prevent yourself from leaving the fishery,She encountered danger after being stunned by her sequelae。
Now those fishermen are confused, they are no longer simple.,Everything is like crazy。
When the lingering spirit is returned,Stained in the 100,000 mountains slowly opened his eyes。
The power of the 160th chapter
Two foxes,A male mother,Grilled Rabbit。
Because《Antibody》Effect,It is within easy reach of them,Still not found by two foxes。
Lin ring cough,Two foxs were shocked by a sudden voice.,Hurriedly,This only saw that they were sitting one person.。
I don’t want to think too much.,Why do you suddenly appear a person?。
I am scared to hurry to the other side of the fire。
grimace in pain,Watching him。
Lin rang from their turbid eyes,I saw a little smart.,
Think:It turned out that there is no fully born fox.。
But it is faster.。
Otherwise, I don’t know if the rabbit is baked.。
A wave,These two foxs were sent out of the forest outside of kilometers.。
When they find it after a while,It appeared in the forest,When you realize what happens?,His a panic to escape。
Lin ran away the fox of the fox,I caught my mind。
Also replaced by Li Chongyang exchanges his granddaughter’s appointment for several days,So he still wants to stay in 100,000 mountains now.。
There is a sentence called gentleman,It’s right at all.。
Just half a day,He couldn’t help but hit his mind to the conversion power recorded by the bamboo slip.。
After quick consider the pros and cons,Lin Fat decided to take this free opportunity,Also try it,See if you can convert Dao law and merit to a higher power,Thus, master the full transcendence,Even the power of Yuan Ying;Although there is danger,But the method of obtaining more powerful strength is in front of you,Any adventure is actually worth it。
When he decided to try again,In order not to be disturbed by creatures in 10,000 mountains,Instant outbreak,The animal and the monstries in the square have experienced the force of this strain.,Escape from outside。
Half time,This area is completely quiet.,Lin ring closed eyes,Start a careful attempt,When there is a slight discomfort in the Dao law and merit,I feel that the power of the whole body is not controlled.,All over。
Lin ran quickly stopped。
After asthing, after a while,Don’t worry, this failed,Take out bamboo slip,Start analysis of all the records above。
Then,Then the spirit of the spirit。 Why writing this bamboo slide, you should write a merits of merits??The two power of the Dictionary Road and the merit is not as good as the power of the power.。