He thinks that life will have a better life.。

Mom always said,There is a family life is perfect.。
This sentence he finally believed.。
Only those who know satisfied,Have a relatively patience,There will be a sufficiently confident future。
At this time,There is almost the drink in the two cups.。
There is a waiter to come over,Song Jia Ding was recruited.。
The waiter smiled and walked toward them.,Song Jia Ding took a cup in front of Lu Shiran,Is Lu Yuli’s love and watermelon juice,She also took a glass of orange juice.。
She laughed Land Lu Ran:“Although,Drink some watermelon juice,Don’t you like it very much??”
Lu Yuli looked at her deeply,In front of her face,Drink the http://www.027liyi.cn watermelon juice half a cup。
Song Jiaying looked at the excitement and drinking half of the mug in the cup.。
Lu Yuli once again ate a steak,He feels that tall tonight is very angry.,I got up and took some small dishes to eat。
Song Jiao,I feel that my body is not strong.,The whole person is hot enough to sweat.,And the body is extremely empty,Need to appease。
Lu Yuli seems to see Song Jiaru’s inconsistent,Drop the food in the dish finished,Elegant wiped mouth,Looking at the opposite face of Song Jiandi,Smile:“Condolence,Your face is not very good,I will send you back to the room.。”
Song Jiao is a bit embarrassed before his eyes,I feel wrong in my heart.,In the end, I nodded.。
Lu Yuliqi took Song Jia Ding to the elevator,Ginger in not far away,Excited smile,Be formed。
I think that there are countless money in the future.,She is very happy。
Du Xin saw Lu Yuli and Song Jiandi,Also quickly get up and chase。
Three people entered the elevator,Lu Yuli was pushed to Dusin’s arms by Shen Jie。
NS2237Chapter I am going to find a lotus.
NS2237Chapter:I am going to find a lotus.
Du Xin’s face is difficult,Some dislikes,I really didn’t expect it.,This Song Jiao is so vicious。
Fortunately, he secretly secretly changed the drink.,Otherwise, the middle trick is two less.,Get up early tomorrow morning,He can go directly to the world。
“……Two less,What should we do now?”Du Xin held Song Jiandong,Song Jiaying did not stop,He has been violated by the highest point.。
Lu Yuli looked at him coldly:“People?”
Du Xin said on the side of Song Jia Ding:“Song Jiandi’s room。”
http://www.hzaipeng.cn “Hum!”Lu Yuli snorted coldly,“Xiao Ping?”
“Two less,The people we secretly have been dealing with,I have already got video,Xiao Ping has been controlled by the police.。”
Lu Yuli listened,I am relieved.。
“Provide previous crimes to the police,Let her experience the consequences of designing me Lu Ran。”Xiao Ping for the sake of interest,Song Jia Ding is the position of Lujia’s wife.,These two people,It is not to meet。
Du Xin took Song Jiandi to the room and escaped。
Immediately keep not far away。
Not right,This is Song Jia Ding Self-acceptance。
It is her own to push himself.,Never close his business,Old Master doesn’t think this matter on his head.,He is only an action。
Lu Yuli arranged everything,And Lu family is at this time.。
Blue Xin picks up his son’s phone,Hurry home,And Lu Yao ran into the room http://www.ruihejade.cn to hide,He knows that he is in trouble.,Dare to face Mom and Dad,Always write homework in the room,I haven’t dinked my dinner.。