“Depend on,Old willow,Drink,Give me a night at night。”Golden Big Pyra。

“Ha ha,it is good,Golden Brother。”The Heha, the head of Tiannan, smiled and went up to give the golden big puppet.,Then give the tiger king to smoke。
“Have out to smoke。”Lin Feng smiled:“Do you drink it at night.。”
“Ha ha!”Tiandang President Haha smiled with the Tiger King,Huanglong left here。
Lin Feng looked at the willows lying on the bed.,Love is very pleased in this scene,I have a value of this.,Can find the man like Lin Feng。
When I stopped and stood up quietly,http://www.szkjuzjnlpddyn.cnTang Yao and the night clear cold have turned around.,There are only Lin Feng and Liu Xiang in the room.。
“you are silly,Why did you sacrifice yourself like this??do not worry,I will guard by your life.。”Lin Feng soft,He buried,Lying in the arms of Liuyi,Tight woman holding the woman。
In the living room, Tang Yao and the night clear hearing the sobbity in the house.,Looking at the buried white hair man,They are uncomfortable in their hearts。
“Do we really want to do it in accordance with the meaning of Xue Yin??”Tang Yin Yao looks at the night cold and quiet。
Tang Yao’s body has a blue light screen,Wrap her with the night cold figure in it.。
“I have no idea。”The night cold and cold breathed a breath.,She is a midst of her mind。
Tang Yin Yao is heard in sigh,Quiet sitting on the sofa。
“Naturally,Many http://www.cndscf.cn things are strong。”Night cold and quiet:“He is too tired,Standing in Shuin and our angle,Marriage,Shackle,Don’t let him tired,Let him inherit this,But whenever walking around him,He will treat it with your heart,Care,Any one is unexpected,Instead, he is more tired。”
“Yes。”Tao Yao Wen said the title:“Naturally,Xue Yin doesn’t know how it is。”
“Ying Yao,You look at home.,Look at Lin Feng,I got the ancestor inheritance this time.,I will look for Xue Yin.。”Night clear silver teeth slightly bite。
“no,Too dangerous,I go!”Tiyin Yao silver teeth micrite:“do not worry,I will use the Tang family’s all kinds of relationships to find her.。”
“Ying Yao,You stay here,You handle all things better than I,And you stay,Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is branded on the traces of Tang family,Still I am looking for more appropriate,And Schin http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cn is my girlfriend from a small to big.,I can call her more。”Night Qing cold。
Tao Yin Yao Wen Yan Shen’s head:“You got a ancestor’s inheritance and then said.。”
“Um!”Night clear words and lightly:“When are you going?7Prison?”
“if possible,Start at tomorrow。”Tang Yin Yao Road:“Do not worry,I have n’thing to do with me inside.。”
“Um!”Night Qing Hao Wen Yan nodded。
“Let it go,Go on a roast。”Tang Yao turned into the kitchen。
Soon the inception of osmoids in the kitchen,Lin Feng’s figure also came out from the room of Liu.,His eyes are red,The mouth is squeezing out a smile.。
“Go out to take a walk,Half an hour came back to eat。”Tang Yao Yue Ear Tao in the kitchen。
“no need,Let me do it。”Lin Feng smiled and came to Tang Yao’s side.。
“fine,Let me come on today and the cold.。”Tony Yao Wen Sound。
“Um,Thanks a lot。”Lin Feng gone and hugged Tang Yao’s waist.,Tony Yao Face。
“cough。”The kitchen came to the night cold and cough.。
“Go to hug your cold。”Tiyin Yao’s fragrant breaks from Lin Feng’s arms。
“Ha ha!”Lin Fengnan said that happiness came to the kitchen.,Hold the whisker of the night cold:“You have worked hard。”
“Know it。”Night cold nodded:“Go out,Don’t be sad in your heart.,Hand will be fine,Snow and Yin go out just dissipated,Don’t worry too,I got the ancestor inheritance this time.,I will go to Xue Yin.,Accompany her,Do not worry?”
“You have you with her,I am relieved。”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Don’t give yourself too much pressure,Take it easy,Struggle to this point,It is not easy.,Your dragon chamber of Qinglong, who created one hand will fly,Anyone and forces can’t stop。”Night cold encouragement。
“necessary,I believe this。”Lin Fengboxao:“All right,No matter how,I have worked hard today.,As long as I am at home,I am responsible for this piece。”
“This is almost。”Night clearly nodded。
Lin Feng went out of the kitchen immediately,Deep away from the palace,He came to the lake of the crescent lake,Looking at the day, the day of the day, the day of the day.,The elite thing finally made him see hope,The only worry is Snow and Yin。
Lin Feng looked at the sky muttered:“Even if you will be the magic,Enemy with this world,I will also stand by you.。”