“Directly pinching, calling people, don’t,What is the temple??”

Li Xu wine,Suddenly, a group of people complained again,These people have a few people are injured.,Fresh blood in your mouth,Obviously is injured。
“Allocate,I have received a message,Come on,Ask the brothers to rest assured,If you don’t come again,I will take everyone to return to the temple.,After all, this thing is not our fault.,The level involved is too high.。”Li Xuai。
He is trying to pinch the broken man。
But the moisture is broken.,There is no response there on the side of the temple.,Like a stone seaside。
Take the water this is http://www.hongshengsuye.cn forced to go back to call people,This is still not handed over to others.,For example, Li Xuai is probably being kicked out directly.。
“it is good!”
Tell this,Everyone has a bright look.,I can’t die here.,Just as Li Xuai said that the high-level thing can’t manage,Why have these small shrimps?。
“return?Do you have anyone in the tempeted Temple??”
Just when these people are so high,A play of the sound came from the outside,A group of people came in,This is a group of Xian people。
Lead is a man who is wearing a god robes,This man is tailing,Gaze。
Men’s name,It is a strong person who condenses the god pulse.,The status is not under the god of the immortal,But now the status of the day is far less than him.。
In addition to Xian people,There is also a group of praises,These monks leading the http://www.jlsongshui.cn monarch,At this moment, the sword is cold.,Horn with a brutal smile,Especially when I saw Li Xuai。
“The two are not welcome here.!”Li Xuai turned around and looked at these God and Xianjia Road。
Just when Li Xuai said finish,Emperor Swords’ figure,I took a slap in the face and saved Li Xuai.。
Li Xuai’s body is in the rock pile,Body skeleton,A blood spit out,Faces like paper。
Members of the Shentou Pavilion rushed up,Prepare Li Xuai,Li Xu wine treated them very good。
Just when these people just close to Li Xuai,A shadow is down from the sky,This person is the mandrel three,Emperor’s three bodies burst out of horror gods,He is just like a day.。
A voice sounded,Members of those who will be defeated by the Milay Pavilion have been shocked.,Heavy falling http://www.yblqianjia.cn on the ground,Various mad,Although not dead,But it is also hit hard。
A thorn of the knife rises,Li Xuai flew out a knife and smashed the empty blush in the emperor。
“Humph,Unpleasant force!”
Emperor sword three cold,A punch bombards Li Xuai,Then, on the body of Li Xiwu, in the body:“My life is the most annoying thing.!”
“Why do you hate??Is it a loss in my people??”Li Xuai is soaring。
“court death!”
Like being unveiled,The sword has swept the knife,Directly stranded Li Xiju。
But it is soon to stop being blocked by a powerful force.,The person who shot is the day of the fairy.。
“Fairy?Do you want to maintain this despicable??”The tribute of the Emperor Sword。
“Emnivore is like a dog,However, this person is the main owner of the Milay Pavilion.,It’s okay.,It’s not that it’s not。”Dry days,Finish,He suddenly reached out。