Mu Zi mei is now called,he,He can be such a calm work。

Such a good show,It’s rare for a few months.。
“Muzi。”Lu Haocheng angered a sound of Muzi。
Mu Ziyi listened,Frighten,“What?Call so loudly, a big jump,Recently, my sleep quality is not good.,Lost hair is a bit more,I want to go back to raise。I am scared by you,My IQ is back to kindergarten.。”
“roll!”Lu Haocheng glared at him。
“good,I will roll.,Mort-telling said that the two eight words are not,Unclear,Still less talking together。”Mu Ziyi said to go to his office.。
Lu Hao Cheng:“”
Blue Xin:“”
Ning Feifei fiercely gave Muzi stunned thumbs up,This Mu total,I can always know how to step on the mine。
NS497chapter:do not know

NS497chapter:do not know
Lu Haocheng glared at the back of Mu Zi,Looking at Blue Xin said:“Blue,I will send you back to the office.。”
He said,I looked back at Ning Feifei.,Say:“Ning Assistant,You go to the pharmacy to buy a little medicine back。”
“Oh,good!”Ning Feifei nodded quickly,Drop the information back to the office。
Blue Xin looked at Xiao Ruoyu,I also saw a Lu Haozheng。
Low voice:“Do you really don’t care??She looks very sad。”
Lu Haocheng Road:“do not know!”The faint three words are full of disgusting。
Lan Xin language,Give him a spokesperson for a quarter.,I don’t know the truth。
“go!”He holds Blue Xin,Going to the office of Blue Xin。Blue Xin can only go。
Xiao Ruo looked at the back of the two,A face of virus,She quickly wiped the tears on her face.,Thick makeup,I will spend an instant.,Two panda eyes,The angry circle,Just like a female ghost。
Leave only one person,She didn’t even cry.,fine,I didn’t bring my own assistant when she came up.,Otherwise it is really too shame.。
“Lu Hao Cheng,I gave you a quarter spokesperson.,Are you like this??”She is a little unwilling to rush to the back of Lu Haozheng.。
Lu Haicheng looked back and looked at it with a low work.,Say:“European,Call the security,Drag her out,I will not allow this woman to enter the group in one step from this time.。”
“Neither,Hao Jun,Don’t be like this to me?,I know it wrong.,I really know that it is wrong.,I am not intentionally stumbler.,I am just not careful.,I accidentally fell.。Hao Jun,Please do not be angry,I really love you.”
Xiao Ruoxi listened to Lu Haozheng not let her step into the company half step,I am anxious in an instant.,Shout。
But,The Oujing, the Oujing, I have already picked up the phone and played the phone.。
soon,There are two security guards sitting on the elevator.。
An older security look rigorous,Looking at Xiao Ruoyu,Calm:“This lady,Please!”
“Go away,You two watchdogs,What qualification is in front of me??”Xiao Ruoyu’s anger moved to two security personnel。
Two security faces have changed instantly。
Ou Jingyi listened to this,I’m angry in an instant.,“What is it still??Drag her out。”
“Yes,European secretary。”
This,Two security is no longer polite,One person dragged one side,Randolize Xiao Ruo into the elevator。
“Ah, let me let me.,Do you know who I am??Let me release Lu Haozheng,How can you do this to me??You can’t be right,Do you know how much I like you?”
Elevator door,finally,The world is quiet。
European 尧 奈 奈 头,Such a thing,Three or four months will be staged。