NS953chapter Dark city background

“Whoever came?”Sichuan Luo Sakura。
“Sister Sister。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I haven’t contacted her these days.,I really want to say to her thanks.。”
“Um,Pick it up。”Sichuan Luo Yakai heard the head。
Lin Feng heard a little bit,I laughed and turned on the phone.,The phone came from a pleasant voice there.:“came back?”
“came back,Sister。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Sister,These days have always called your phone.,But did not work。”
“I have these days in the closed customs。”Shangguan Yuxian quiet:“It’s okay to come back.,I am relieved.。”
“Sister,Taishan’s things thank you。”Lin Feng said with sincerity。
“Thank you??Central City Moon Lake is destroyed,I have never been able to get off.。”Shangguan Yuxian is a little apologetic。
“Sister,Don’t say this。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“World Hongmen is too far from Huaxia.,You can’t get rid of,No matter how,Sister, this time, thank you.,Sister,I have an idea,I don’t know if you are willing to be willing.。”
“Say。”Shangguan Yuxue heard a laugh。
“Sister,Can the World Hongmen move to Bozi??”Lin Feng suddenly asked:“Here people are rare。”
Tell this,Shangguan Yuxi has no sound,Like hanging up the phone,But Lin Feng heard the sound of breathing.,He knows that he is taking care of this matter.。
This is not a little thing。
However, Lin Feng feels even if the World Hongmen has Shangguan Yue, this is sitting in the town.,But it is also difficult to resist the world’s great potential,Moreover, it does require the power of the world’s strength to join the power of the world.。
This will develop the power of the entire Bozi。
It is in an advantageous status in the hegemony of the four continental four octaves。
“Brother,I can’t do this.,After all, there are so many brothers in the world.,I need to consider their opinions。”After a long time, the phone came from Shangguan Yue’s voice road.。
“it is good,no problem。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Sister,I also know that my words are more Tang Jun.,Wan Wang people don’t be angry。”
“Stinky boy,What is my gas?。”Shangguan Yuxi http://www.discussky.cn smiled:“In fact, I hope that the World Hongmen will be integrated into the Sairy.,Whether there is a huge interest in the Bozi and the world of China。”
“This is exactly what I considered.。”Lin Fengnao smiled and nodded:“I hope that the brothers of the World Hongmen are considering。”
“it is good,I will hold a meeting in these two days.,Discuss。”Shangguan Yue laughs and laughs:“There is also the way to the end,Record according to our family,This imperial bell inside the tomb of the ancestors。”
“determine?”Lin Feng heard the surprise,Even the Shangguan Yue is said so.,I am afraid that this is really in the tomb of the Emperor Emperor.。
“Who can determine,Just record,Is there really no,No one knows。”Shangguan Yue laughs and laughs。
“I see,Try to gather the magic stem,I want to open the grave of the Emperor。”Lin http://www.pintong0769.cn Feng heard the words。
Once this bench。
His strength once again enhances a level,He does not say an absolute advantage for the heritage of the other ancient and modern nine gods.,Also almost。
“Um!”Shangguan Yuxi heard the words:“All right,Other things are relying on yourself.,That thing I will convene the World Hongmen Conference to negotiate。”
“it is good,Thank you for the Sister。”Lin Fengnao smiled and nodded。
Shangguan Yue Yue heard a little bit,I immediately hang up the phone。
“You really said?”Sichuan Luo Yaki looked up at Lin Feng Road。
“World Hongmen is the only force that can be striving for。”Lin Feng Jingjing:“Once it is integrated into Bozi,The forces of the Bo Si’an will be further enhanced。”
“This thing is actually, I don’t recommend this early integration.。”Sichuan Luo Ye Road:“If the Moon Master leads to the world, Hongmen is integrated into the Slud,That will appear in the future a large situation in the future,You are waiting for the other forces of the seven continent to siege.。”
Lin Feng Wen Yan Weiyi,But I can’t think of this,It is indeed like the Sichuan Luo Sakura said.,If the power of the Slud, if it is in the future,It’s easy to enroll the other major forces of the world.。
“You are not bad。”Lin Feng heard the words:“But since I mentioned it.,Never go out,Waiting for the phone of the Moon Master。”
“Um!”Sichuan Luo Yakai Wen said light and nodded:“All right,I will now go to the Western world.,Take a look at this auction event,This Western world has created huge killings,Some golden forces were copied.,There are many good things to take out auction。”
“Get up。”Lin Feng stood up。
“Let me help you organize your clothes.。”Sichuan Luo Sakura。