“Really delicious。”Lin Feng smiled and picked up a pair of chopsticks eating up a chicken,Sure enough fresh taste,Tasty。

Then he gently drink a soup,Suddenly covered with blood straight,Penetrate Wu Zang six House,Direct source of life,Really nourishing。
I rubbed,If ordinary people a drink,I am afraid to be up dead。
“Big brother,eat more,This is a big supplement。”Dongxing Sheng Lin Feng hurried to a bowl of soup Road。
“wipe!Do I need to make up??”Lin Feng scared a sentence to sit on the chair:“Tang Shu,You have to eat more,Slowly supplement,I do not bring this millennium blood parameters back,Stay here。”
“This one is enough,Moreover,I also have people inventories。”Don intact picked up a chicken leg is slowly gnawing,Then drink a bowl of wine。
Life is so,Who needs。
“Besides,Lin Feng,This is your gold card Division。”Tang Xichuan immediately took out a purple color bank card and handed Lin Feng Road。
“What Gold Card Division?”Lin Feng doubts。
“Gold Sikah,Maple,Last time you earn a lot of http://www.sjtu-ihs.cn gold in the South American Division,All in it。”Tang:“All in it。”
“Did you give me??”Lin Fengjie。
“you’re drunk,I have a lot of drinking with my owner.?”Tang has no shortage of Lin Feng’s shoulder。
“Done12earthen jar1300Year-old。”Tangxi also sits in the chair:“Xiaofeng is now a more close cooperation and Tang family.,This housekeeper also sent his proud,Sell to Xiaofeng Many Buddha Genolian Test Products。”
“He actually will come out?”Tang has no shortage of words slightly surprised。
“Xiaofeng went to the three sun fruit, respectful,Hey-hey,You said that the home of this good man can not return to the stone.。”Tang Xichuan smiled and explained:“Moreover, Xiaofeng Shen Moist Uncle makes Xiaofeng take out each year.10The place where the fire into the magic is handed over to Xiaofeng to heal,There is also Xiaoma to http://www.592lxwz.cn take out some of the drugs in the martial art.。”
“good,Tang family did lack some in these two。”Tang Dynasty, Lin Feng Road:“Maple,About pricing,How to calculate,Tang family is not missing。”
“I see,Tang Shu。”Lin Feng heard the words。
“I can do this, I am relieved.。”Tang nausea looks at night:“All right,Come,Take a drink,Drink a happy,Maple,You stay here a few days.。”
“Tang Shu,I also want to live a few days.,But I have to go to the Miao.。”Lin Feng went to the head and smiled:“Time is more urgent,And after going back, you should deal with the business meeting.,After the bronze conference is completed,Tang Shu,I will live more for a few days.,Or you go to China。”
“The little girl of Beijia wanders,not bad,The girl is very good,Just at the beginning, you shouldn’t……”Tang no behind,He also knows this.,A more spicy。
http://www.ushuai.cn Not legged with the face of the dragonfly。
This is on Tang family,Tang Jia will shoot the first time,This is not a problem,This is a problem with face,Sometimes your face is more important than all kinds of interests.。
“Tang Shu,I do not regret。”Lin Feng said firmly。
“I tell you,Try to establish cooperative relationship with major golden forces。”Tang no lack of meditation:“The deeper the cooperation, the better,to be honest,This thing happens in Xichuan,I can’t afford my Tang family.,This is not the problem of strength between us,Instead, I have to comply with some potential rules.,If the person of the Dragon’s family makes such a thing for me,It is also difficult to escape。”
“Old man,Nothing to solve it??”Tang Xichuan Wen Yan also frowned。
“You have to find a way to find some steps to the dragon.,Because this is spread out,Dragon home doesn’t move, you can’t do it.,World public opinion,Major golden forces,Even bronze will be secretly laughing。”Tang has no shortage of lack of Lin Feng Road。
NS426chapter Biggon
“I see,Tang Shu。”Lin Feng face with a confident smile:“Do not worry,I will handle this thing.。”
“All right,Give me a drink,Slowly drink。”Tang no laughter;“The road is killing,The road that you don’t see the blood is not true.!”
Tang Dynasty, there is no lack of wine glasses.。
His tone is overwhelmed,He rolled over half a life.,I have seen this world.,The rise of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is even without the things of Bei Xue Yin,I am afraid it will also have a war because of other things and other potentials.。