Zhou said very well。

Third day at night。
This is a still night,Snow also stopped,The hill village without evil spirits is extra quiet。
Dog help most members hide in the kennel,Covering it together,But leave two,One looks http://www.ruitongdai.cn outside the dog house,One next to Zheng Yuchi is with the owner。
Sitting in the yard, a few people who invisible。
The small circle is very well and respectful and respectful to a few people.:“Thanks to everyone, everyone cares.……Thank you Xiao Zheng and Qing and Adults to provide us with a residence.,From time to time, we will ask us to eat at home or give us a come.。”
Xiao Zheng girl is not very good to speak:“I、I do not have……It’s ok……You’re welcome……”
Clear and silence。
Small round turned:“In short, thank you,Thank you for your care for our taking care of our adults and quarters.,Finally, thank you to Zhou and sequence、Group of people,From the past, you have been helping us,We will always remember。”
“We are just neighbors。”Star。
“You also helped me a lot。”Zhou Zhi Shuozhao http://www.gyhuijing.cn smile,Because he still doesn’t know that the red dyeing sister is left.,I am very chaotic in my heart.。
“You are in the atmosphere?”槐 道。
“Welcome!”The group of people only know that others will answer this.。
“In short, thank you。”The small circle said again.。
“If you say goodbye, I will not say much.。”Old gray standing next to him,“We look at all the new world.。”
“well said。”Star back。
“help me……Look at the gods。”Xiao Zheng girl said quickly。
“This is nature。”Old gray slightly raging,There is a circle of lions in the neck,“Acquaintance,Today,I am afraid I have no chance to see again.,The distance between the star river, you can make up for you.,I am not wrong when I am.,I hope everyone can be well。”
“we are leaving。”
Small circle is busy adding the sentence。
Then the world began to flip,Rapid increased,Become sharp,Made of small circles and old gray。
This scenario is not only in the hill village.,Also available elsewhere,Those monsters that are not deep in humans,It is often going to find some people who have played some exchanges.,Or just find the ordinary people who have seen many faces,Or just go to a place where you have passed,Street that has been habits,And this world。
Because everyone knows,This,Will never return。
After entering the hometown world,They will call the soil,Send yourself to the nearest security zone,Then leave the world with the hometown world。
槐 点 院 子,Fire burns,Eradicate,He grinned:“After the monster is less,Human Tianshi is basically impossible to play me.,Then what can I do if I want to do something??嘿嘿 嘿……”
I have seen it over.,No one cares about him。
槐 序 嘴 嘴:“Unresponsive。”
Time is getting more late,Zhou Zhou looked at the table,Already close to the morning。
I saw the opposite Zheng Yue,I found that she looked at the fire in a quiet low.,I didn’t think anything,A clear face is reflected by the fire。
I look down and watch the phone.。
Have not received a reply with red dyeing sister。
The two have a few demon,Dull。
Under http://www.baiyunpj.cn their feet,The earth seems to have a heavy image,This is an illusory、Similarly there is a pothole dirt stone、Also growing plants to live with little life,Transparent,It is gradually getting away from this planet,Floating from the top。
The world’s hometown world near the hill village seems to be a safe place in a safe area.,Small circles and old asks are standing here,The evil spirits are also spreading over this overhead。
Just they are shadow。
at this time,It seems that there seems not to see the hometown of the earth and the monster.,The monsters of the hometown world also see them。