I saw that I saw it in this time.,The black lacquered curtain is only confused,Have a long time,He talented asked Zheng Yalan around him.:“Have you seen it??”

Zheng Yuzi nodded,Her eyes are reflected in Wanjia Lights,The sound is still small and gentle:“The night in the original city is like this……”
She suddenly:“Just like the stars fall in the http://www.pidke45.cn land。”
There is no sound。
Tonight,The spiritual force of the monarch,They will automatically change back.。
Zheng Yulan seems to know what he is thinking.,She turns slightly,Looking at him with his eyes:“Thank you,thank you all,Thank you,Take me to see the original appearance of this world。”
Zhou is very difficult:“Still too short……I will definitely find the way to restore normal methods.!”
Zheng Yuchi blooms smile,She gently shakes the head:“This is too difficult。In fact, the requirements don’t have to be as high.,I have been used to it.,I am very satisfied with a short look.。”
She paused,I smile and refer to the sky.:“And this pair is it to me.,Some things can be seen,something,It can be more clear than usual eyes。”
There is no sound。
Zheng Yu-blue is really a fact,Some demon itself is good at camouflage,Disguise,Disguised animal,Difficult to distinguish。
But she can distinguish。
But this cost is too big.。
Say something,In fact, there have been many 愁 绪 in the atmosphere.。
At this time,It’s really can’t help but I can’t help but:“I say,How do you thank these two,Didn’t thank me?”
Zheng Yizhen smiled brightly。
In the case, she has always smiled very much.,This brilliant smile is rare。
I saw her back.,Very solemnly said:“Thank you for the neighborhood,You are I have seen the most kindness、The cutest monster。”
“Can you say goodbye?!I am a big devil.!”
Implementation is alarmed by the voice they speaking,There are a few fireflies in the grass next to it.。Then, like a chain reaction,Other fireflies originally hidden from the hidden,Naturally, not on the anime,Judging only more than ten,It is also very beautiful.。
Is it in the eyes,Also vaguely visible cold light,Slowly flying in the air。
A group of groups,Rapida is excited to catch up。
Nan Ge also caught。
The difference is that the group can’t catch up.,How to catch can’t catch up,So run back to wrap around。Nan Ge is caught back to the palm of the hand。So Zhou left the fireflies that nange collected back to the group,Seeing http://www.bjztba.cn that she is full of eyes, it is curious.,I want to touch and I don’t dare.,He is only slightly smiling.,Then put the firefly insects back to the night sky。
It is said that,Fireflies have only three to seven days,It is also very short to give the night.。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 336 back up plan
early morning。
Back to the road on the road on the road,Dew on the grass leaves,Take the spider web between the tree and the tree,Walking will bring a sediment。