“report,Large-scale discharge phenomenon in the second school district,at the same time”

“Two sun appeared every day!”The subordinates secretly looked up and looked at the middle-aged man sitting in the first place.,Be careful,The heart is secretly frightening that this ridiculous word will lead to a drink of your own boss.。
“Is two sun?”did not expect,Middle-aged people sinking for a moment,Not blame him,But the opening said,“Foreign release notice,That is a rare but dull phenomenon,Let students don’t care too much,How long does it take for it?。”
“Sunny halo phenomenon?”The subordinates have looked at their own boss,I don’t know what to say for a while.。
“and also,Notice of the big tyrants,”Middle-aged people did not explain what,Just saying faintly,“Emergency release weather forecast,Specialory in the second school district,Thunderstorm,Please ask the tourists and students to suspend the competition in the second school district.,And notify all students,Just enter the building to avoid lightning。”
“at the same time,”The high-level reaches of the Union Council slowly turned,Back to oneself,“Under the command of the board,In addition to the special forces issued by the Council,Including the guardian,No person is not close to the second school district!”
“Yes!”After hearing a clear directive,The subordinates dare not speak more,I have a hurry to agree.,After squatting, he hurried away.,Leave only a middle-aged person standing quietly in his office,Looking at the gloomy sky。
After seeing your own subordinates,Middle-aged people hooked slightly,If you look carefully,His eyes is like a flash of stars,。
“Queen’s order,Cannot be contrary to!”
Second school district。
After determining the subordinates of your own,The bee bee, pray, sigh, tired,Slightly stripped on the wall。
She is not far from the upper and others.,According to normal,Her physical strength can not help but blow anything,And what she is here,It is because of her ability。
The reason why Meiqin has not been completely turned away now.,It’s entirely because the bee bee is using his own ability to limit,Beebele‘Psychological master’In power is not‘Exterior’Opponent,Just here is the bee beloved here.,And the police see is just a remote remote control,So the bee bee can be short-lived.。
“It’s really ridiculous.。”Eating the bees sighing,“Your ability actually fights replica, it is really sad.。”
“but,Don’t let those guards come,Also protect them.。”Bee bee is hard,“Now here,It has completely become the battlefield of two monsters.!”
“but,Can he really block the 御 坂?”Gourmet beehm,The lower conscious looks at the sky,“This level of power”
Sudden,Her look is slightly changed,Tightly stare at the fire cloud of the sky,God dign。
(This chapter is over)
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The moment that is looking up at the bee,The color of the sky suddenly changed。
Originally, like the sun in the general light,Suddenly there is a black color than sunshine!
The light of the sun made by the Qing Palace is slow,And that silk black is getting more and more,Finally, like a blade of a snow,Tear the sun!
The black giant thunder from the sky directly runs through the sun in the sky.!
“This is not.!”The last section sees this scene,Suddenly exclaimed,“This is too http://www.518mo.cn terrible.!”
“The power of lightning is too strong.。”Cut the board,“Even this level of energy can be separated from what extent.?”
“What should we do now?”I saw this scene of this scene.,“and also,Qing Palace?He won’t have something.?”
“Will not have something to do in the Qing Dynasty?。”Sharpened army fighter horn,The tone is the first time I am not sure.,“This extent,Why should I not have him??”
Sharp the army,I suddenly broke out a dazzling brilliant color in the sky.,The rays come quickly and fast.,When the radiance is completely extinguished,The figure of the Qing Palace appears in the sky again。
but,At this time, the Qing Palace can be more than the previous look.,His fire wings behind him,White is full of coke,Obvious,The Qing Dynasty can’t control your own flame at this time.,What is the point of seeing。
http://www.dsyaolu.cn “cough!”Qingguang cough,The mouth is faintly bloody,Face is also slightly pale,However, he is still a firm to block the figure.。
“Namagin,Wake up!”The Qing Palace has not known that this sentence is said.,Some machines have once again blocked before the Mechanical,This action has been numb。
Release‘Last sun’Later,The Qing Dynasty even desperates the mines with the surface of the Mechanical body.,If you continue,Meiqin’s body will be burned by dramatic flames,But at the last moment,Qing Palace closed。