Isn’t Gao Xiaoyu to kill the Gao Yang??It’s just that he went to find a high ocean to play.,I am misunderstood.?

Gao Boyi obtained the law“Interpretation”,So, he said that Gao Xiaoyu is a stealing token.,That is stealing,As for it, is it?,Can we spend a long-term dispute?,Can let Dali Tema repeatedly。
But as long as he is a stealing token,Then“Interpretation”,Gao Xiaoyu is the chaos thief!This is not a refute。
afterwards,Gao Bo Yi Shunshuo,Want in this case,Take a good north Qi to take out the rope!Let the strength of the central participation,In fact, it is stirring!
Gao Xiaoyu’s purpose is to attack,Let the fish praise。And Gao Boyi’s purpose is to defend,He only needs this case to be dragged.,It is best to drag to yourself!
This is for people of Gao Chengyi.,Almost impossible tasks。Means of,Gao Xiaoyu is dead and also white,This is like this.。
People,But this is the result of the power game。
“Gao Xiaoyu is not your killing?”
Bohai Great Princess Gorgeous Garden,Gao Wei, feeding the golden carp in the pool,Asked if you don’t have something wrong。
“Obviously not,You said, let me put him a horse.,I still kill him, isn’t it to hit your face??I am so stupid.?”
Gao Biyi also added to the ranks of fish,I heard a high-spirited sigh.。
“In fact, I also feel that you are unlikely to do so stupid things.。Unfortunately, I don’t believe it.,How can this be good??Ugh。”
Gao Baoyi knows,Gao Hao is doing this.“guarantee”of,Unfortunately, the reality has already swollen her face.。
“perhaps,It is my nephery who doesn’t want to drag the family.。”
Hao Hao helplessly。In fact, she thinks a possibility,Just don’t want to continue to think about it。Now she has her son.,Life is no longer sent,Why do you want to think about those feeding??
“Gao Baoyi,Give me out!”
Gao Changgong sound。
“I will know the future,Let’s take a look.。”
Gao Yi helplessly。
“I will come.。”
Gao Biyi came to the gate,really,Waist hanging sword,“Pretty face”Gonggong,Faceless staring at him,Not talk。
“Why do you want to kill me??I didn’t promise me.,Let him put him??You now have the power to hold,Do you have a brother??”
“If I say people are not what I am killing, is it??”
Gao Chang said a word,Pull up,Fast sword waving,Directly cut off a halo hair,Stop on his neck。
Gao Baoyi attitude,Let the high growth are slightly wrong。
“Why don’t you avoid it??”
“I believe you will not kill me.,You also have to believe me,I won’t kill high filial piety.。You think about it, I know.,Will I don’t have anyone??If I want to kill him,More than a chance,Your three brothers are not a person who is talented by the sky,What is difficult to kill him in the future??Why do I bonize the branch at this time??”
You can not believe in my character,But you can’t believe my wisdom.!
“Big brother,In fact, I also know that people are not you kill.,But others don’t believe it.!”
Gao Changsong laughs,That expression has a few points with high。
“Things will always pass,I don’t worry about the misunderstanding of the world.。”
On this matter,Gao Bo Yi is a well-deserved,after all,Although he wants to die,But I don’t want to kill the other side.。
“You just want to know this today.?”
Gao Bao felt that the Gao Chang was not too simple.。
Adult world,Where there is so much wrong black and white?。
“Yuan Zhonghua, she has some words to ask you.。I don’t know what commitment you have given.,But you can’t look at her.。