A seven days of past。

In the summer, I live at the old house.。
At the same time, there is also Xia Xue and Liu Qingqing.。
Seven days,Summer gates don’t have two gates,Daily is accompanying the father to play chess。
But due to the existence of small flowers,East, old house,I often pass the crisp laughter。
As for Xia Xue and Liu Qingqing,Emotions are relatively complex。
Mainly in summer attitude,Although admitted to the identity of the two,However, it is http://www.ycsykyw.cn very reasonable to express from beginning to end.。
Let the two women have a very strange isolation。
But they can’t ask too much。
After all, in summer.。
It can be obviously the closest person,It shows this abnormal‘Guest’。
So they are very tangled。
On the morning of the eighth day,Summer clouds appear again in the old house,See the summer。
“Go to a place with me。”
“I found a way,Maybe help you recover your memory.……”
Summer clouds,It’s just a slightly flashing.。
Narrate,Summer stunned,Then I promised it.,“Good。”
Next,He is with his father and Xia Xue and Liu Qingqing。
I have a small flower,Subsequently in the eyes of everyone,Leave the old house with summer。
All the way。
Soon arrived at the destination。
The purpose of this trip is to return to Mountain http://www.ynqixiu.cn Cemetery.。
Three sides of the mountain,Look at the water,Quiet,beautiful view。
On the left side of the mountain,Positive Qifeng Pine True,Will be solemn here。
http://www.inewart.cn The foot of the mountain is a large air,Forest standing row tombstone。
Summer look around the environment,“I am very familiar with it here.,I have been,Right。”
“Right。”Xia Qianyun Shen Sheng,“Your father is buried here.。”
After a moment,The two came to a monument。
“Mental Tomb。”
Only these four words,And a photo。