As long as practice,Refining the fire,Feeling is also the fire, Xuanao and the law。

External world three months,And he is full of three years。
Refining the fire every moment。
His realm,It has reached the peak of the mid-gang,Only the last step can break through the past。
Whenever this situation,Will encounter a large bottleneck。
Dictionary only one wire,No matter how much fire energy is refining,All in the abyss,Can’t see the end。
also,There is also a mysterus,Need him to feel it to break it。
This day,Summer sitting in the opening of the hole,Look,Then I deeply spit out a breath,Slowly open your eyes。
He sees the message from the storage,I’m exploring。
After a few interest,Interruption。
He stood up,Take the flash ban,Go outside。
Rotate,Caused a long way to go straight to the main peak。
When he entered the temple,The high level of the robbery is all.。
Total Lord Huayunxian,Six internal door old,Twenty-two-legged director,There are also two big spirits in Zhantai Xiaoyu and Situ Mingyue.。
More than 50 elite disciples,36 主 and 主 强,Take all in columns。
Summer coming in,Just attract all the attention。
“Have seen the summer!”
“Have seen the summer!”
In addition to the total owner of China Yunxian,Everyone including the old door is standing up.,Qi Qi。
Summer is also holding a punch,Take a big step。
During this period,Everyone’s eyes are still on him,Follow with your footsteps。
Lu Feng and other thirty-six。
Han Yu and other than 50 elite disciples。
Zhantai Xiaoyan and Situ Mingyue two big spirit officials。
Everyone’s face is endless。
The look emerging in each person,Also complicated。
This young man,Just use short short than four months,It became the old-elderly old door of the tens of thousands of people.。
And this year,Total 阙 is thoroughly decentralized,Put the right to pay,No reservation is handed over to him。
This is seen in many people,Really incredible。
In a different gaze,Summer walking towards the palace,Falling in the old door of the old door。
The main hall is quiet。
Huayun fairy faces a smile,Faint,“Summer long,Today Tiancheng will announce the name of the quota,At that time, the old three people will open the development broadcast.,We can watch synchronous with you here.。”
Speech,Huayun Xian single hand,Then succeed。
“Hool”Overhead,Water wave。
It’s like a picture of a picture.。
But the picture at this moment is blank。