NS1109Zhang Yoshui meets again?

How can you let him leave easily in the summer?。
When these two people meet, they are sour and sour.,The beautiful appetite is also。
Double standard,Let the summer can’t help but want to beaten。
Such people,Hateful。
There is always a set of 歪 理 邪,I always think that my right。
And reduce your IQ and he equally high,Then use rich experience to humiliate you。
Summer one arrow pass,Stop Zhang Qiang。
“Self-suction,Climb out。”
“You special code to find death!”
Zhang Qiang was angry and angry.,Reach for the summer while,The other hand smashed the boxing in the summer.。
Sound is exhibited。
狠 大。
But not Zhang Qiang,It’s a slap in your face in the summer.。
Not waiting for him to react,Tight again is a slap in the face。
Then,It is a slap in the ear of eight-louder。
Silent scene,Only the sound of the face。
Ten mes, don’t,But out of extricction and loudness,Take Zhang Qiang directly。
Even if it is stopped in the summer,His face is also swinging around the next consciousness。
Summary, I grabbed his collar.,Dark http://www.hebzgrs.cn scorpion stares each other,“Climb away,Don’t force me。”
One sentence,Let Zhang Qiang, who makes the nose, will return to God。
He won the summer,Nether grievances。
However,Just when he is ready to put,Welcome the dark scorpion in summer,Suddenly,Face change。
Follow,He smiled and spit out a sentence.。
“Climb,Do you think I am afraid of you?!Humph!”
Hour time,Flavor,Zhang Qiang is on the ground。
Then start……climb。
Really climb。
Surfiatively,All is wrong。
Looking at Zhang Qiang’s foot and use,Incredible speed,Quickly ran out。
Everyone’s face is like a display,It is like petrochemical。
Until Zhang Qiang completely disappeared in the field of view,The people are caught,Looking at the summer with a complex eye。
What is this guy?,It’s too big.。
Ignore all kinds of eyes in summer,Go to Liu http://www.shanghai-huifu.cn Qingqing,Subsequently, the sales of the soldiers,Smile,“Let it go,Go to handle procedures。”
“Uh……it is good,OK,Mr. please come with me.。”
Summer is of course not really six hundred dollars to take the car,And quickly saw Zhao Yusi。