NS466chapter Can kill people without sight

Some of the chief of the side of the side is not a taste。
He used to apply for the superior,Want to participate in confrontation,But not approved,Instead, it acts as a driver.,It is lazy and scattered guy in front of you.。
How is the other party?。
And not to say that has retired,Unreporting,Can the instructor http://www.dgsjxl.cn be better than the special forces?。
This is two concepts,Just like sports coach,Can train and guide others,But it is not necessarily a master.。
Strong heart is unhappy,Go on,“Li captain,There are still a few minutes.,Prepare to fight。”
“exactly,I almost forgot.。”
Li Ming is busy nodding,Take a set of green camouflage in the wardrobe from one side。
This is not ordinary camouflage,Instead, there is a laser device and an equipped equipped with the system terminal connection。
“I haven’t passed this stuff for a long time.。”Summer took a combat service,Drake a wire remember,“Oh,I didn’t pass it.。”
Lying down a slot。
Everyone’s look is weird。
Hu captain couldn’t help but enjoy,“Summer……Uh,Summer comrades,You can really joking。”
“no。”Summer shink,“I really didn’t pass it.,But often see others。”
http://www.rendegushi.cn “Uh……”
Everyone’s mouth,Obviously do not believe。
“correct,Can I don’t have a helmet?。”Looking at Li Ming in summer,“Uncomfortable。”
“Uh……”Li Mingzhi is very difficult。
“team leader,I went out first.。”
One of the special police didn’t see it.,Walk outward after I finish。
“Walk together。”
soon,The rest of the seven players have all left the room,Summer three。
“Cough,Summer comrades,Still wearing a helmet,There is a smoking device above。”Li Ming has some embarrassment,Follow-up,“Please don’t even see,These days have been lost,Everyone’s emotions are unstable。”
“exactly。”Li Ming is busy with。
Summer nice head,Helmet,Start change clothes。
soon,everything’s ready,Follow Li Ming leave the lounge,Come to a small platform。
Platform front,Is a jungle zone,stream,Hill,Jungle,Canyon crossing,http://www.jiyinjiancewang.cnBefore and back, 20 kilometers。
Besides,Right side edge,Is an ammunition library,At this moment, the team members of Li Ming are walking out from the inside.,Holding each of the required equipment in hand。
95Ferry rifle,92Pistol,Claw knife,Gun,Gel,High quality fire gloves……There should be。
Summer nice head,Equipment is not bad,But soon frowned,Look to the left。
There is also a military person who is still in the hunter camouflage over there.,I have already armed,At this moment, the spirit of light is looking at this。
to be exact,Is looking at summer。
They are full of strange,I can’t say a complex。
This is this……mission target?
It seems that there is nothing special。
certainly,Imagine,They will not be bad。