Sword,Fairy God,Devil does not look at each other,There is a ridiculous thought in the mind of the three people.,This idea is very ridiculous,But more and more emerged.。
“I am walking step by step.,The realm and the cultural system of the gods are different.。”Lin Feng smiled and explained:“I am now in Zhongxing Realm.,The next step is half-step black hole and black hole two big realm.,These two big realms don’t know how to save。”
“Zhongxing realm?My 乖乖,Old four,You re-divide the Shenjin practice system.?”Xian Yicheng stunned。
“I rubbed!”
The devil is not afraid and the sword is afraid of himself.,I am afraid to listen to these words.,Two people weird look at Lin Feng。
“Also。”Lin Feng nodded。
“Unexpetent,Unexpetent。”Xian Yao is shocked.,After a long time, I will open the mouth.:“Solemn,The practice system in my gods is the sky setting.,However, it is inevitable.,No one knows that there is no existence。”
“However, there is no doubt,This is a big merit,Even if the gods don’t do it?。”Magic:“I understand why he has the blood of Xuanhuang.,Xuanhuang blood is known as the blood of the super,We can think that it is the old four good merits.,So the birth of the blood of the legend。”
“good,Must be like this,The blood must be normal, such as others.。”Sword seeks magic:“Old four,Not limited,I don’t dare to drink alcohol with you in the future.。”
“Yes,Yes。”Xian Yizhen and Devil have also laughed。
“Come on,This way is difficult,Was thin ice。”Lin Feng looks ingredient:“Where do I don’t know where I am in the future?,Can only follow your own speculation。”
“Old four,I go back to the check information.,Sentence, you don’t like to listen,Since the birth of Xianban, there has been a birth in the sky.,There are a lot of information about your monster temple.。”Xianyu laughs:“Waiting for me,I found that you are not the best to help,Even if you give you a piece of artifact, give you a valuable information.。”
“If this is put it before I definitely deny,But it is true that the fourth needs information,Demon,There is also existence since the birth of the sky.,I also try to get some information。”Devil is not afraid to shoot the chest guarantee。
“I also try my best.,The two of them are talking about things.,The temple is the later force。”Sword seeks the devil:“But I also try my best.。”
“Ha ha,This will thank you three old brothers.。”Lin Feng haha smiled,Three of these situations know,I believe they may find useful information。
“Less polite,Go back, give you the fairy day.。”Xian Yizhen haha smiled:“Let me help find information。”
“I also disappeared the death of the death.。”Sword seeking magic laugh。
“do not,Don’t。”Lin Feng shook his head。
“Old four,It seems that there is something to look at us.。”Devil looks at Lin Feng Road。
“Not,Fairy God,The dead god has been converted to me.,It is impossible to betray me.,You also know me and Xianban,The contradiction between the temple is getting deeper。”Lin Feng Road:“So I am arranging these two pieces。”
Fairy God,Magic,The sword is a thumb like a thumb.:“Come,Brother three together。”
Pick up a wine glass between talking。
“How can you give you three together?,Now we all worshiped,I am helping the gods,The death begins to be faithful to seek magic from today.。”Lin Feng looked at the three people。
“do not,Old four,I can’t recognize others,Your whole spit out。”Xianyuan:“You are the rhythm of unity,The two princes began to lay big chess pieces.。”
“Old four,Our Moz?”Magic is not a laugh。
“The Magic is very young.,nothing now。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Dragon Dragon Day is not moving。”
“There is also Long Jixian,No wonder this time you play the death of Long Dayai.,It is estimated that if you know that you want to commit suicide.。”Sword,Fairy God,The magic of the gods is looking at each other.。
They find that Lin Feng is,The more I found that Lin Feng can’t measure。
Especially the fairy god and the sword are complex。
After all, it is a person who is in your own.,And all people with high http://www.power18.cn weight,If Lin Feng has ambition,The world will inevitably reshuffle。
“Ha ha,drink wine,I have no ambition in this world.,Only ask the family to stand up,Good friends and friends are safe and sound。”Lin Feng haha smiled:“If you have the opportunity to pursue a higher existence is enough。”
“Old four,I am very touched that you can open your mind today.,Share this secret,I lost a sentence,If you want to unify all days,I don’t oppose it, I don’t support it.,What I heard today is not known。”Xian Yichen looked at Lin Feng smiles:“Who is provoking you,You don’t have to leave your hand,Even if the Xian is also the same,Of course, people have a selfishness,Don’t move our one pulp.,Other,What is too Xianzhou,Tooa,Destroy,Million years ago is a family,Push the Tiansheng Lingbu,It’s hard because this can’t be worked.?”
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