The two chanted silently in their hearts at the same time,Compared to my own safety,They are even more worried if they fall,Will the other party be in danger?。

Actually for Qi Ya,The situation is not optimistic,At least she has never encountered as difficult to deal with as Yu Zhe,An opponent that can’t even be attacked,And she didn’t learn much melee moves,I’m already a poor man,I don’t think it will take a few back and forth,She can’t hold it anymore。
This time Yu Zhe pretended to attack,Attacked towards Qi Ya with the injured hand,Back with the other hand,Deliberately expose weaknesses such as the chest and abdomen to the opponent。
Qi Ya was a little hasty,She blocked Yu Zhe’s attack first,Yu Zhe deliberately left behind immediately“trap”Attracted,She didn’t think much,Swiped the dagger。
Yu Zhe expects that the enemy will be caught,So at the moment Qi Ya shot,Arm back immediately,Reversely grasp Qi Ya’s wrist,
He knows that opponents can be resolved in ordinary ways,So I didn’t use the conventional anti-twist method to win the knife,But apply force directly on the hand,Control the other party cannot move,And pull back slightly,Keep the opponent’s arm straight,Quickly withdraw the attacking hand,Reverse force in the short distance of Qi Ya’s elbow joint。
Just listen to the crisp“Click—”The knife in Qi Ya’s hand fell to the ground with a sound,At the same time there was her heart-piercing scream。
Qiya immediately oozes sweat on her face,The pain almost made her faint,Just a few seconds,She didn’t even see Yu Zhe’s movements clearly,The arm is completely misplaced,I can’t even move,Besides, the injury is still the dominant hand,I want to pick up the knife with the other hand,But it’s totally out of Yu Zhe’s speed。
Xiao Jian’s situation on the other side was pretty good,After all, Shi Mu Luo is not good at close combat at all,But the other party will stop him no matter what,Really annoying,After the first shot,He fisted towards Mu Luo,I wanted to force her to let go,But she seems to know no pain,There was a firm glimmer in the dark eyes。
Qi Ya’s screams attracted Xiao Jian’s attention,His heart was jabbed,Then Yu Zhe looked at the knife he picked up,Hold Qi Ya,Put the knife directly on her neck,Just a little harder,Will cut her artery。
“Stand still!”Yu Zhe threatened Xiao Jian,From appearance to being held hostage,It took almost three minutes,Time has passed too long,If it is in a complete state, he can probably shorten this process to half a minute。
Xiao Jian saw something wrong,I want to catch Shimuluo next to me,But I found that I was distracted for a few seconds,Shi Muluo has quickly analyzed the next trend of the situation,Immediately separated from him,Go around diagonally behind him。
His hand holding the gun trembled slightly,But looking at Qi Ya,Can’t let it go,Slowly put down the weapon。