“wipe,Daoye is not God,When there is an error。”Santedao people have a way:“strangeness,Half Holy Holy Nationality http://www.fuwangv.cn also came to a few,It’s hard to have encountered.?”

“Hard to say。”Lin Feng heard the words。
Just then the weak voice came from around,Flying a bloody figure in the distance。
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Chapter 1,323 Unhappy
NS1323Chapter is not willing
“Who?”Lin Feng and Sandao people heard the face,The two actually did not find out the existence of this person.。
Two people are looking forward to the source of sound.,Her he saw a man who was blood, floating in the void,It’s already dying.。
“Oriental is dead!”Sandao people looked at this person shocked:“You actually didn’t hang it?”
“Sandao people?I can’t live.!”The man who is blood is blood, seeing the people who have no good luck.,His face is pale,Be full of blood,Already dying,The breath is extremely strange。
Time hidden,However, this http://www.gallopoutdoor.cn atmosphere is very deep。
“Since you were injured,Be sure is those half-holy,It’s hard to imagine that you can escape.!”Santao people look at the east without life:“You are also in this water,Waiting is a bit。”
“Natural is not me。”The oriental misconduct is revealing a sad road:“I am from a predecessor of the family.,Unfortunately, he fell.,If he is not rescued,I am afraid I am embarrassed.。”
“Your luck is good。”Sandao people directly take out a soil yellow Dan medicine:“Eating,remember,owe me200Wan Shangpu God!”
“I rubbed,You are robbing,This life is still Dan.10Wan Shangpin gods!”The East is deadly looking at this Dan.。
“Do you love you?。”Sandao people smiles this kind of Dan medicine:“Don’t sell it to others。”
“and many more,I need to!”The East is deadly words biting his teeth.:“give me!”
“Take it!”Sandao people smiled and handed this Dan medicine to the east.,Eastern is unpredited to swallow this Tan medicine。
Soon, he passed a thick life atmosphere.,Face gradually rolling。
“Pit!”Lin Feng looked at the three German people。
“Hey-hey,Boy,There are many factors affecting the price of Tan medicine.,Laozi took this part of the medicine for nine deaths.!”Santao people laugh。
“If he is not pit,He is not a three-German people.。”Just when the Sandao people fell,Eastern is deadly open,The breath is stable。
“You are ordered to?Jingcheng four?”Lin Feng looked at the east。
“good,This dear brother is?”The East is deadly watching Lin Feng doubts.,There is no Lin Feng in his mind.。
“In Linfeng Feng!”
Lin Feng smiled and said:“Blood moon city!”
“Bloody city city main forest?It is the order,Disrespect。”The Eastern is omitted, and the words are slightly brought.:“I finally saw the legendary Lincheng Lord.。”
“Oriental brothers are polite,correct,Is the Taishan God’s teacher??”Lin Feng suddenly asked。
“Lin brother and he knows?He also came,But I didn’t see his trace.。”Oriental:“Lin Xiong is rest assured,His means is better than me,Will http://www.51lvgu.cn there be something。”
“Nothing。”Lin Feng looked at the east:“So what happened?”
“good,I have induced the people to come to a few half-level holy.。”Sandao people。
“They have fallen,Originally the magic river domain,Ice,Disabled domain,The four major domains of the human cross-sectional domain compete for this greedy treasure。”Oriental。
“and many more,Greedy palace,What’s the meaning?Is there a congenital three-running treasure??”Santao people heard the confusion。
“Where is it simple?,Sandao people,You know1000There is a strong person known as a greedy saint before the year.?”Oriental。
“Greedy?Greedy palace?Is this a nest of the old guy??”Santedao people don’t even have an excitement,Double eyes。