Fighting in the eyes of the mad eyes,Lick your lips,The violence in the eyes must be cultivated。

When the rocket is hit from all sides,Both people start rushing out。
Their strength,Speed is almost exceeding the limits of human。
But if so,Still being injured。
They are life,Not God。
Even if there is an 护 body,Frost energy,How can we host the rocket to the anti-fire archer。
“Not necessarily,You just recover strength,Go to deal with others。”
Summer wiped blood of the mouth with hand,The eyes are directly looking at Dong Xuan,看 野 野,In the eyes, the murder of the cold seems to be in the bones of the river.。
“You retired aside。”
Dong Xuan faintly said a sentence,And then slowly pull the sword,“See how I kill him。”
He didn’t work immediately,Say this sentence,In the eyes, the color of grievances,“Kill god,Do you know?,I want to kill you.,If it is not a plan for Tianyi Jun,How can you live now?。”
No waiting for summer,He immediately gave an answer。
The poison in the eyes seems to have to overflow from the eyes.,“My brother Dongchuan,Kilked by you in China,Today, I want to revenge.,Will you!”
Summer frown,“Who is your younger brother?。”
“He is the emperor of the dark domain……”
Just in this moment,Dong Xuan’s hand-held sword is above the top。
A sword light shines in the night,As if,It seems that the sky is in the sky.。
This shocking is too tattoo and dazzling。
It’s incredible。
Sword is not。
Shining,The ruins below were immediately cut out a huge crack.,As if the bomb is generally rumbling。
First1659Chapter A knife is not back
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First1659Chapter A knife is not back
Have to say,Dong Xuan This sword is extremely amazing。
When he jumped over the sky,Hands in the hands of the sword,A huge bending。
Summer pupil shrinking into needle mango。
He does not dare to have a big meaning,Handheld snake knife strikes a huge knife。
The knife is in the sky.,Like two bombs。
Wavy,The bright light is not open to the eyes。