“What is meaning?”

Summer eyes are not addressed and contempt,“Do I not understand enough?,Laozi wants you to see what is really unscrupulous.!”
“you……”“Indeed in the rule is not clearly expressed as a one-on-one challenge,But did not express,Isn’t it a rule?,Do you not exist?!”
Summer eyes,Sound like a sword,Dislike,“Since you think that you are very smart,That’s now, I can tell you.,There is no explanation in the rules,Just me to deal with challenges,bring it on,Your thirty people challenge us a thousand people,Come,Handle!”
“you,you,you……”The face of the white scene,A piece of flush,I don’t know if it is,Still shame。
I can’t say a word.。
More than 30 people in his weeks are more faceless,Dark selfishness。
“Brain is a good thing,But you are not worthy of ownership.!”
Summer is deeply spit out,“You have these mice,If you lose your face to the ancient martial arts,Also lost your face abroad,so……Laozi decided to give you a chance。”
Merely,Cold drink,“Give me a station!”
Thousands of people drink,The response from the response。
Under one’s order,All move,I have walked outward。
After a moment,On the edge of the ring,Three-layer steel iron network。
Iron mesh intertwined steel bars have baby arm thick,Level three floors,And touched the top of the upper side。
Completely desperate!Clamor。
Everything is completed,Thousands of big and rapid news,The hall will become open again.。
Summer one person lives alone in the white scene,Drink,“bring it on,Handle!Laozi talks,kill me,The dominant is your,otherwise,You help the garbage dock today all special code to leave Laozi.”Morale,Can’t see you can’t touch,But true。
Passed the only action,White scenes have fallen to the extreme。
Many of them have given regrets。
But now it’s now,I haven’t retired。
No one forced them,But they have embarked on the road.!White view is the same。
But he still has a lucky luck.,“This is what you said。”
Say,Turn out to the pipe station,Hold a box,“Allocrates,I hope everyone will testify us.……”“Where is it so much nonsense?,I thought that Laozi is as shameless.,kill!”
In the summer, the intimate killing of the heart is in the heart.,Burnt, his eyes are red!He is an overlord,But he is also a Chinese man!He stepped on the bone and blood to go today.,Not for the name,Not for the benefit。
Mind,Nothing to revenge。
But face the edge of the holy war,He also did not hesitate to put a hatred。
Exit,Improper,Become an ancient military http://www.15banglun.cn person in Huaxia,Always prepare for war!If there is a jaw,Fairy、If Monica meets with him on the battlefield,It is an enemy!He will not advertise herself in the side of the big。
Because this is his consciousness and gesture that he is a Chinese people.。
In this world,When he is abroad,Has been in a variety of conspiracy calculations,And crowded from the whole Western world,He also often dresses yourself as a cold and ruthless murderous madman.,Support a day in the group of wolves。
He is tired,Returned to China,Also encountering targeted and calculations from all parties,I saw another form of fighting in the Huaxia ‘s arms.。
He never complained what。
But now I am facing the Western Force Accounting and Pressure.,These rules of the Huaxia’s ancient people will also want to tear a piece of meat from themselves.。
http://www.mtxwifi.cn Go to your mom!“Kill!”
NS2693chapter Big killing ring
Wars have begun。
Summer performance makes everyone ate。
Kill,He actually rushed to the white view.。