NS3085chapter Innocent disaster

Delivery training area。
Iron bear leads a juvenile to travel throughout。
He will stay at each mountain。
Introduce the species of the magic mons、characteristic、Weak point、And peer strength。
If you encounter someone fight below,Saying time longer。
The magic mons here,They are caught from ten hunting farms.。
the main purpose,Is to train new people。
after all,Not anyone can be admitted to the Academy of Academy。
From his words,Summer judgment,Third campus,More similar to a military academy。
These teenagers,Both students in the third campus,Or http://www.zyxwq.cn prepare。
They will join the army directly after graduation.。
Summer finally figured out the combatization and realm of this here.。
Wussey、Martial arts、Martial artist、Wu Zong、Wu Wang。
There should be a realm on the Wu Wang。
But what is the specific?,Not least。
Unlike the outside world,Here is alchemy、Stroke、Array、Xuan Olympics。
More important point,People here cultivate,Also a breathing method。
The breathing method here is different from the breath of the earth.。
Is true Turkey!
Turky,Refining is used for your own。
Not like the earth,There is no emotion at all,Just condensed itself。
The two have essential differences。
Summer deliberately try it in secret。
His current identity is Wang Wei,But except the name and appearance,The rest is itself。
Inner peony、San Dynasty……
http://www.hhhtlxs.cn He arbitrarily grabbed a stone,Knead。
Under the trial, I found different.。
If it is outside the earth,This ordinary stone,Can directly pinch。
But here,It is only possible to crush it into a few small pieces.。
This is the biggest difference between endlessness and vitality.。
At the beginning, he missed the third hunting ground.,I have been aware of this.。
Battle,It’s hard to break。
The reason why you can kill so much monsters,It’s a mysterious energy to http://www.fuekang.cn show a stronger role in the outside world.。
I was anxious at the time.,I haven’t thought about staying in this world.,So didn’t care too much。
Just thinking about him,Right direction,Suddenly come to a group of people。