Schuliaries have been holding together,Say:“Miss Head,My name is the thunderbar。”

At the same time in the head of the person in charge of Head and buds,Han Jiang observed a marked maritime trace on the arm of Head,Can’t help but show a puzzled look。
Heyei saw a lot of laughter after seeing:“Unworthy,I am already fortunate.,We have changed。”
Because local danger clear,Head does not continue to command。
Commands other people responsible for optimistic about the area,Don’t let ordinary people break into the way。
Head will bring four people to a nearby office.,From the word outside the building,It is to solve the place where the collapse is specially established.。
Head poured a glass of water for a few people,Then explain the status quo of Hanjiang people。
After that, Head said that something about the traces of his hand。
“You may not be imagined,My collapse can be very low.,Use the standard of the goddess of the gods,evenDLevel,Become auxiliary personnel is also a strong person。”
This makes the Hanjiang several people have revealed the curious look.,A connectionDLevels can’t,How can I become a local commander?。
“Originally, there are several people here.DGrades of gods,But after the big outbreak of the long-term city,They have been transferred to the camp for future reconstruction Changye City.。”Head said a few people。
It may be that a few people in Hanjiang will say more.,Or, it is also a special explanation of Ji.,Want to make your own students really understand the current situation of this world。
then,Head has been eroded by the arm,Constantly stroking:“Once an outbreak of collapse,I just got on the edge.,I left this at the time.。”
“Not everyone has the qualifications of the gods,At the same time, I would also like to thank God for injection of anti-disobs.,Otherwise, my arms may have gone.。”
Speech,There is no noisy voice outside the yard,Head will put down the sleeves:“Some people come to receive serum,Are you going to see??”
Bud jacket looked at Hanjiang,Then nodded:“We come here to the purpose,Not just to clear the danger,Also participate in the work。”
Local female Wu Shen went to the long air camp,Head is the highest commander here。
Four people followed the room in Head,More than 20 people outside the yard。
Staff began to register a variety of information,Head began to commanders to go to the warehouse to move serum。
Hanjiang people look at the people outside the queue,First encounter this scene,Some people are not taste in my heart。
They four no matter who is,Never happened to cause collapse erosion。
But an arhered event that is already small enough to be small in their opinion,So many people need to injection serum resistance to collapse。
not only,There are still people on the outside.,Rows receiving registration later。
Chapter 53 HSN-B40
“Everyone queues according to the order,A small amount of collapse erosion is not injected with serum,If you are serious, please come to front.。”The staff shouts the people outside。
At this point, some staff have moved the serum out.,A full box,A total of 20。
“This isHSNB40serum,Can make the cracked cracked in the creatures quickly inactivated and diverted serum,It is already a model two years ago.。”Scholar in the Hanjiang ear。
There are big and small maddings on those who come to queue from the serum.,Some have been serious to the whole arm erosion,Injection of serum in time may not leave the kind of arm。
Also lifted on the stretcher,Half of the dead,I can’t see it.。
“No critical life,Not within the table of the warranty department,Have a treatment for the next urban area,Go to the treatment,Don’t stay here to add chaos。”Heyei shouted。
Head drives a group of people who want to touch the serum for free,Then smiling and said a few people from Hanjiang:“That’s it,Our serum is not enough,More situations need to find the treatment of treatments themselves。”
“Then what do they do,Will not leave sequelae?”Scholar asked。
Be aMEMiss Qianjin, Miss, naturally imagined the bottom of the bottom,In the face of this case of selective treatment, some are difficult to understand。
“There will be sequelae,Severe people may lose hands or legs。”Heyu explained。
Qi Yana just called,Han Jiang hurriedly pulled her behind and said:“Thank you, Miss Head, explained。”
“Why don’t you let me say?。”Qi Yana realized that he could not ask loudly,The whisper complained to Hanjiang。
Hanjiang shook his head and explained:“Serum impossible complimentary,Like the same generic drugs。”