Han Jiang believes,You always have a good feeling of Joyce on one day to60,Learn to understand the recovery。

Understand this skill,Is the strong weakness according to the understanding of the essence of the world。
You can learn knowledge at any time in the natural database,But there is a mobile database around you,And that will also explain,It will be more easy than him.。
Chapter 173 Who doesn’t want to be a cute girl
Solar charging tree,Said that you are not big, you are not small.,Half the time, Han Jiang followed the wings of the flag.。
Fun fun place,Because Hanjiang’s body is limited to death,Can’t play at all,Can only look at it while。
The flag of the flag is on the side,I have played again.。
It is clear that the flag is playing with Hanjiang.,At the end, it became a wing of Hanjiang.。
http://www.sxyoga.cn Urban construction,It is definitely not suitable for Hanjiang residence。
night,Han Jiang is in the bonfire on the big tree,The flag of the flag returned to the city。
When Hanjiang is constantly pondering space attributes,The flag of the flag won the top of the solar charging tree。
Also armed people,In addition to the temple,Second respected place,Council。
At this time, I have nine dressed up in the council.,Very trend of armed people。
If Han Jiang is also there,What do he look at?,I don’t think these armed people are the third generation of people who live for tens of thousands of years.。
After all, in the traditional awareness of humanity,Think that the age is,Get the older,More and more steady。
but,Armed people are not human beings.。
Arguing about the wings of the flag,I have laminated a few http://www.meilesc.cn hours。
“Want to leave??”Sitting in the first armed people,Suddenly ask the flag of the flag。
Bilatean wings:“For our family,Survival and freedom are rules that are rooted in the deepest idea。”
“Ten thousand years of time,We have overcome survival,Now I want to choose freedom。”
“I am a scholar,Those unknown people deeply attract me,The same as the person who left during the day,I also want to explore the truth and essence of the world.。”
“Then why don’t you leave the first human beings?,But the one outside?”
The council will drop a screen,Above is the image of Hanjiang,Grilled on the solar charging tree。
“She doesn’t take me。”Fanwing。
The head of the head asked:“Why is this human beings take you??”
A very delicate people dressed,Ten fingers,Looking at the nails just painted above,Unhappy:“http://www.zhuangyan086.cnWhy trust him??Information from the initial generation and second generation armed people,Humans are virtual and proprietary species。”
“Agree!”A rare,Taking the armed people who have a shape of the shape:“What if he wants to do with you??”
“Moreover,First generation and second generation armed people,It has been studied that there is no way to leave this world for tens of thousands of years.,The few things that disappear are even more people who don’t see people.,How can we rest assured that your departure??”
“But,Are we free??”Suddenly the flag of the flag。
The big counteration hall instantly quietly,Here, there is a ten armed people along with the flag.,It is the ten one in the third generation.。