“……”With the end of the meeting,The huge machine of the Americas runs up。
This is their home court,The situation is also unknowingly changed.。
……some where。
God today’s hegemony,Woraton Hanging Phone,Looking http://www.qmysl.cn at your own belief,“Intercourse is finally allowed to enter to reverse。”
“How can they change their attitude??”
I feel some accidents,“Up to us,I have been blocked by them.,Later, even if small stocks entered to reverse,Always stared at them.。”
Warston is clear,“What else can you?,Because the killing appears to twist,They dare not deal with him.,Can only borrow our strength。”
Associate the face,“Killing God to reverse,This is said that he already knows the news of Xianti being caught.?”
“I will definitely know。”
Oraston does not nod,“Let our master actions,Goal,Twist。”
Toned,His eyes revealed,“I have worked hard these years.,Finally, I have the opportunity to kill the yellow pestibrey.。”
……the Middle East,Some artillery fire in the battlefield,A tower-like big man http://www.will-power.cn handheld,Harvested another life。
Short time,There is no living in his weeks.。
at this time,His satellite phone suddenly sounded。
Big Han is embarrassed,手机,After seeing the above number,Immediately,A cruel laugh。
Soon connected。
A few minutes later,He hangs up the phone。
A pair of wild beast-like scorpions looking to the battlefield,“I can finally leave this ghost.,The guy of the American carving,I finally made a happy thing.,Kill god?
Hey Hey,I am very interested in his head.。”
In a manor。
Fladder,A body-fit man fell on the ground。
He raised his head,The cold scorpion is eye-catching opposite,Reach the blood of the mouth,Bite the teeth,Shake。
“Wilmot.Edward,You let me down。”
Standing a woman opposite him。
Women is a mixed-race,Long hair with red,Black scorpion,The five senses on the face are very beautiful.,The body is also quite hot。
But at this moment, her face is coming out of a cruel.。
“I heard that you have participated http://www.cvtt123.cn in the competition for the people in the world.,At that time, you created the black snake and Gos’ madman.,Many people are optimistic。
As a result, Gos was destroyed by bullets.,But why do you live??”
It is the boss of the black snake will。
That time I joined the madman in the summer.,Persuant in summer,Exited the battle of the overlord。
And then completely exited the underground world,Disappear。
I didn’t expect that he was actually looking for a door.。
“Who are you?!”
Wilmurt bite teeth,At the same time,A layer of gray keratin gradually shrouded him。