Wait until eight heavy cherry,De Lisa seems to be fainted,Cheeking blush doesn’t know what is thinking。

Han Jiang’s bad laughed,Bending over:“Academic garden,How do you see that Miss Ba Wei Sakuo is blush??”
Han Jiang’s heart is a clear,He is a psychological psychology that deliberately packed Durisa shy。
“She helps me with my mouth.。”De Lisa does not consciously touch his lips,I can’t help but think about what I have happened when I am coma.。
“I do not have,Who said that,impossible。”De Lisa shook his head quickly,Come on a denial of three。
“Miss Eight Sakura, Gentle,Gentleman,I am willing to help with strangers.,she”
http://www.ydlec.cn Waiting for Han Jiang, said,De Lisa squatted his ear.:“say no more,I don’t listen,I don’t listen。”
De Lisa and children are rogue,I didn’t roll on the ground.。
Finally, De Lisa found himself holding his ear. He can’t stop the voice of Hanjiang.,Tooth dance claws to Hanjiang,Let him not say anymore。
Two people played a meeting,Han Jiang raised hand-reported De Lisa stopped。
She holds a two-handed look.,Dismissive:“Little ghost is a little ghost,What do you know?。”
Eight borders in the evening come back,I personally brought the food of the two people in Hanjiang to the room.。
Looking at a tired eight cherry,Han Jiang took a meal and asked:“What happened during the afternoon?,How to look very tired。”
Eight autonomous head,“There are more and more monsters next to the village.,There are several villagers who have been killed by monsters today.,I”
http://www.dwwsa.cn Half,Eight borders stopped,As a witch who protects the village, she looked at the villagers.,I only hate I don’t have enough power.。
Eight borders are falling into the emotions,De Lisa, who is eating, quietly pulling the corner of Hanjiang,Refers to the back of eight heavy cherry。
Eight borders have black gases spread,There is an image of an animal behind it behind。
“Miss Eight Sakura, don’t blame,Although the strength of the monster is strong,But we must have a failed belief.,If you think you can’t,What about the villagers??”Han Jiang quickly said。
Eight borders suddenly looked up,There are two lines of tears flowing out in the eyes.。
The darkness of her is disappeared.,But the tears can’t stop the flow。
Eight borders stare at your own hands and muttered:“what happened,Why do I keep crying?,Why seem to have experienced many things many times?。”
“do http://www.kali-linux.cn not worry。”Han Jiang went to the eight heavy cherry,Call your back:“you are already awesome,No monster,But I can’t be crushed by my own pressure.。”
“When you are properly, you can help the people around you.,You have helped us,If you have a monster in tomorrow?,I am going with you.。”Han Jiang light comfort。
De Lisa nodded:“Yes Yes,We are not just ordinary people,That day was only an accident。”
“thanks,thank you all,thank you all。”Eight secret cherry sitting on the ground,Continuously say thank you。
De Lisa came over and stood around the eight cherry,“Why do you want to face dangers?,You are not alone,We will fight with you。”
I have heard this sentence.,The eyes of the eight cherry exposed a smile,Tears no longer flow。
Eight heavy cords,Han Jiang and De Lisa bowed a water:“Sorry to affect you.,I will deal with my emotions.。”
Looking at the eight heavy cherry,Han Jiang is thinking。
The uncertainty of the Phambush Pills have entered the holy marks space.,Start constant persecution of eight heavy cords into negative emotions。
As long as the emotion of the eight cherry is completely collapsed,Then the Phambush Pill will hide the nest.,Rehabilitation with eight heavy cherry。
If nothing unexpected happens,Tomorrow system version will be updated。
till this moment,All combat power appearing in the holy margin space is not high。
Maybe there may be inhabial pills to deliberately torture the soul of the eight heavy cherry,The things that happened five hundred years ago finished all over the model。
Or, it is in intentionally depressed the strength of eight heavy cherry.,Let her no matter from their own strength,Or from,Feel weak。
In short, after the system is updated,Han Jiang is going to try to absorb the power of the Jushong Pill.。
When the system automatically absorb Qi Ya’s collapse, it can provide some special properties for Hanjiang.,If you directly absorb a collapse of a law,That change must be very amazing。
“I really want to help her.。”De Lisa pinch the little fist,Look carefully。
Hanjiang nodded:“She saved us,We must be helpful!”