Chen Linzhi eats, you can’t talk to the thin chewing slow,Occasionally see the window outside the window,Gaze,But it is said that it is said to receive money.,Baijiang, who came to him。

I know that White River deliberately came back and forth outside the window.,I want you to ask him to eat together.,Chen Linzhi does not look at him。
Who let this guy talk to the head?,sneaking,So don’t talk about,Even the enemy is a friend, it is difficult to distinguish,Chen Linzhi’s own alert has been。
Flavor is very good,No wonder the table is full of diners.。
Soon sweeping。
After the wine is full,Yin Xiao took the initiative to get to settle rice,I will accompany Chen Linzhi afterwards.,Send Zhao Bai Lu to her home,Two people are foldful。
Yin Xiaoying is going to pay bad。
There is a gambler dare not go home during the day.,Touching the appearance every night,Board of more than 2,000 delicacies,Very quite rogue。
Once people walk on the road,What credit、What’s the like?,Just stand next to it.,Even if I have a longer frequent,No money is still no money。
Chen Linzhi simple listening,Guess that he is estimated tonight again,White cost-effective,Lying on the sofa to open TV,Tell the chat like a chat:
“I am serious,Resign。
Now I have a startup fund in my pocket.,Give me two or three days ago again,I will definitely think of a good way to make money.,Anyway, not a good job,Don’t take yourself。”
Yin Xiaoyu is very clear about Chen Linzhi’s small treasure,How much is the specific amount?。
I can do some things.,But want to do a big business,Still a long way to go。
When Chen Linzhi said,He laughed:
“Your money is easy,Unfortunately, it is a hammer sale.,It’s hard to continue to receive such a big list of money.?You have to get it,I don’t say it right away.。
There is a pig in your pocket.,I can eat it for a while.,No need to move out,Just live in my family,Solve waste of money。”
“never mind,I think,Now I can definitely don’t believe it.,Waiting for me to make some points, you will consider it.。”
Chen Linzhi has passed in the past few months,Today is actually almost。
After all, what is not a commercial wonder?,I can take out countless points of earning money in my head.,Look at the funds on the current check,Not a low low。
He is going to understand first,After the examination is finished,Avoid a failure,Also pay the poor chip。
Yin Xiaoyu,A few minutes,Wear jackets ready to work。
Forehead,I heard that I came up again.,He said with him.:
“It seems that you have accumulated the familiar guest.,Business is very good,You are bored, you can see it in the upper floor.,Anyway, no expensive。
You can also use mop to hit the roof,See who I can’t help but first,This is really a long time.,Both are some chaos and ten tenants,The ears can not stop the sound。”
I have seen a joke before I have seen it.,It is said that it is written in the criminal law.。
Chen Linzhi simply calculates the number of people who have hoped upstairs in these days.,Have to admit that pure profit is amazing。
The bold idea is in his head.,Just appeared in the cradle,Can only blasphe head,A pity
NS17chapter Probation
Christmas, New Year holiday,Sneak over。
Stores on both sides of the street have opened the door,The office worker returned to the position。
Someone travels from the distance,Going to the tourist attraction for a few months,There are also people to make money,Never rest during holidays,At least in this Tang people,The holiday atmosphere is very flat。
Chen Linzhi, remember the check。
Citibank recovers after business,He rushed to change into cash,Until the money will be relieved,Fortunately, it is not a short check。
Take a total of more than 10,000 delicacies,He was held in a large half by him.,Leave only two thousand cash,Put your mouth carefully。
Some things are not sold,For example, inner ring with a ring of badges,And gold necklace hanging on his neck,Temporarily stay,in case for need。
This money said more,It’s a lot of facts.。
If you bring it to the world economy to derailment for many years,In recent years, the other side of the ocean has just reform and opening up.。