Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Really didn’t see clearly,But Mr. Xiong’s vision should be no different“

Talking room,The girl who just went out came in with a plate in her hand,She bowed her head shyly,Speak softly:“President Xiong,Braised carp you want,Please http://www.jianyue-ad.cn enjoy“The girl’s voice is very beautiful。
“Hi!This is Mr. Xia Xiaofang,You have to know him,He is the boss of a famous startup group,It’s rare to come to you once,Have to wait“Xiongji laughed and said to the waitress。
The girl called Xiaofang raised her head,She smiled and said:“Mr. Xia!“
Xia Jian nodded,This girl is really long and beautiful,He didn’t see clearly when he http://www.b2cjob.cn came in just now,I just think she’s a bit http://www.yulejx.cn attractive,I didn’t expect this closer,I found out that there are such beautiful waitresses in the restaurant。
The girl is about 23 or 4 years old,Apply a little foundation on the face,White in red,A pair of big eyes,Two Willow Eyebrows,Especially her red lips,Alluring exuding charm。A suitable cheongsam,Set off her devilish figure,It can be said that the lordosis is warped,Slim waist is worth a grip。
The girl saw Xia Jian’s eyes scurrying on her,I am a little embarrassed to say something:“Mr. Xia, please use it slowly“
Only then did Xia Jian realize that he was distracted,Hurriedly retracted his eyes,Smile said:“Sorry,Mr. Xiong please!“Xia Jian said,Politely made a please gesture。
Xiongji laughed and said:“What’s so delicious about a dish,Tell the kitchen to hurry up,You come too,Let’s eat together“Xiongji said to Xiaofang。
Xiaofang shook her head and said:“Sorry Mr. Xiong,I’m working,I can’t eat with you“
“All right,You get off work as soon as you finish serving,I’ll tell your manager about this“Xiongji’s face changed,Looks a little impatient。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“President Xiong,That’s not good!“
“cut!What’s bad“Xiongji talking,Lean your head to Xia Jian:”This girl is an english teacher,Dislike the low salary,So I quit my job and become a waiter,Go to the night club after work,Such as drinking with someone,Singing or something,Anyway, I earn more than being a teacher“
I don’t know that,Xia Jian just came out for a mess,Fear Xiongji scared her,I didn’t expect this girl to be an old fairy,More practice than his Xia Jian。
Xiongji went out,When I came back, I smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Everything is done“
Xia Jian drinking tea,Smiled silently。quickly,A few very distinctive Hunan dishes came up,Xiaofang put a bottle of Wuliangye on the table and said:“President Xiong!Slow down,I’ll change my clothes“
“Hurry up!I’ll be fined for being late“Xiongji is half joking,I took the bottle,Twisted the bottle cap with a bang。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“President Xiong,Let’s drink together,No need to drink such an expensive bar!Only everyone is in a good mood,I feel very happy to drink plain water“
“President Xia is really refreshing,I love to hear this,Come!Let’s have a drink first”Xiongji talking,So I poured wine for him and Xia Jian,Two so they drank。
In a short while,Xiaofang got dressed and walked in,See her whitetI wore a red mini skirt under the shirt,Especially the two evenly slender legs under the skirt,I saw Xia Jian almost forgot to drink。