First of all,The external image of the night is quite perfect.,It is better to say the thrill of the throne,There is no one is poor。

Secondly, the night itself does not become an idol.,I have already have a huge popularity that is comparable to sweetheart fake.,If he is willing to be an idol,Absolutely the presence of national idols。
For this point,No one will suspect,In the previous Barros incident, the war,Night accumulated popularity,It’s really too horror。
The hero of the demand has some fans,It is already quite right.,But the amount of fans in the night is not only more,And it is the type of fanatic fan。
After all, it is a life-saving.,Unlike ordinary love emotions,Before Pos arrived,Night, the scene of the whole cosmic spacecraft,Everyone is now in the eye。
Contrast to other heroes,People are more in the night, from the heart.,There is also a strong sense of security。
And it is not an ordinary people,Even in the hero,Night is also popular with terror。
The martial arts headed by the Le Lingli Lingling,Viewing the night is idol。
There is also the precedational Battle of Polos and the warfare.,A large number of middle-bottom heroes saved by night,I am grateful to my heart.。
Finally defeat the fadel of the big snake,Those who call the soul,It is even more medium and low-level heroes.,Will it。
And this is no matter what blasting or the dragon volume can’t do.,Although their strength is equally strong,But to call the hero’s appeal,Ten them are also horses the night.。
So the Hero Association wants to make the night to help,With its powerful appeal to talk to popularity,Help Hero Association to save image。
If the night is willing to help,Popularity with its horrible,May not only save the image of the Hero Association,I can even press the new hero association。
to this end,Xiqi also proposed a series of options,Finally, even,If the night is willing to help,High-level is willing to give the night a direct position。
Become a directors thought that the top of the Heroes Association,Is one of the people who really can speak。
There is no way on the high level.,Although makes a lot of concessions,But if you don’t do anything,The Heroes Association is likely to be cold.。
Although the level of the Heroes Association gives the conditions quite attractive,But the night is finally refused.。
Just like his original intention,He always feels that he is not a pure hero.,And he also feels,Really want to be a hero,Don’t deliberately promote yourself。
What is the location of him??He is now not lacking at all,ZMost of the houses in the city are his,Although selling money,Most of them are in two sisters.,But his night is now different from before.,It’s no longer a poor。
But he doesn’t want to be an idol.,It is like Xiqi recommended your own sister blowing snow.。
Although the image of the dragon volume is equally good,And strength is more stronger,But the night feels that the tone of the dragon volume,Really not suitable for idol。
It’s not the same as blowing snow.,Not only skin white beauty long legs,Completely conforming to idol standards,And it has always wanted to surpass your sister dragon volume on the one hand.。
If there is such a chance,Night, I feel that the blow should not refuse。
I heard the meaning of the night.,Xiqi is obviously lost,Although the image of the snow is equally good,But there is only the appearance of the appearance and night.,Other aspects are really not a grade。
And the new Hero Association’s Weimi Sabsa is an idol singer,If the snow is blown is just beautiful,Is it completely not the opponent’s opponent。
The Heroes Association is over.,Night, I introduced the 18th of myself.,It means that he wants to participate in this hero test from the 18th.。
Here,Xicchn naturally said no problem,And use privileges to avoid the written test of the 18th,And priority。
Although the night refused the spokesperson plan of the Hero Association,But this is still to give。
Sentence is not good,The reason why the Heroes Association can still,It is the reason for relying on people’s three sisters.。
And these three sisters are not only powerful,For general instructions,Never refuse,Its attitude makes the Heroes Association have been very satisfied.。
And when West Siqi has entered the physical fitness test with the night.,People who participated in the test around the test,I have also cast a line of sight.。