Some of the polarity of Santa Feria,The adult is Hanjiang adult,Shenzhou local call,Where does Han Jiang feel wrong?。

It is good to react in Hanjiang.,Look around that bit“Korean”Trace,In this place, you can encounter this family.,It’s really clever。
The middle-aged man smiled.:“Korean,My name is not someone else.,It is you?,I have seen your photo。”
Han Jiang refers to himself,Shake shook his head:“You can,Call me Xiao Han just fine。”
The man is even more than the Hanjiang age.,Call him,Han Jiang only feels uncomfortable。
“So,Korean?Han Chuan?”Middle-aged man tried to change the title。
Han Jiang suddenly got up,Rapida:“Can I not have a person who is hob?,There is no position,Call me Xiao Han just fine,What’s your name?”
Middle-aged:“My name is Wang Guangming.,You call your name directly.,I am in the command of the command to protect Dr. Wei,Responsible for co-ordination and logistics。”
He said that adults should be the name of Cheng Lixue.,Snow。
Han Jiang is a lot of Wang Guangming,A Cheng Lixue makes an ordinary person to direct the female Wushen to protect 褚 天,Explain that this person is strong。
Although Wang Guangming is very good,But I don’t think about my eyes.,It is probably that he is a high position of the light of Cheng Li Xue.。
And here is the collapsed area,Hanjiang has a beautiful little girl,Ordinary people,This is to watch the lively,Incompetent。
Wang Guangming did so much,I only hope that Hanjiang should not borrow Cheng Lixue’s famous sound warfare.,Don’t mess up。
Han Jiang does not care about these,Some things are dedicated to agreement,Say anything else。
“Can the king tell me now?,There is also the location of the crazy beast.,How is the people’s evacuation?。”
Away from home,Faced with strangers who have been older but not old,Calling brother is a kind。
“Cracking happens has passed for more than six hours,Hilly terrain is more complicated,The local operation department is still evacuation。”
“The upper collapse of the city in the city center,No movement,Because of the insufficient human hand,The collapse is still proliferating outward。”
Han Jiang sighed,Shenzhou’s own strength defect is particularly serious,It is not the development of Cheng Li Xue for half a year.。
Do you want to make your downtown,Can only rely on its own strength to pass the difficult gate。
“More detailed information, I am not very clear.,Need to contact the ministerial part of the local operation department。”Wang Guangming said。
Han Jiang nodded,This person said and didn’t say it almost,I feel that he is a bit less than wanting to let himself be involved.。
“Then Wang and please take good care of the Chu Boshi。”Hanjiang thanks sentence,Then go back to the tent shouting,“天,Host collapse beast,You have to like children’s?”
Chu fine sitting on the bench,Fist with both hands placed on the legs,After hearing the sound,Face reddened shouted:“Alive,The best captured!”
She knew a little unrealistic alive,Then adds:“The more complete the better corpse,Each face host China collapse animals are destroyed by fire,Animal experiments can be used to collapse the wreckage too little。”
“Understood!”Hanjiang Huileyiju。
He spoke at Lilith,Out of the tent。
Hanjiang looked to see where the city of,Ask:“is that OK。”
Lilith nodded back,“no problem。”
Wang Guangming somewhat surprised at the Hanjiang,Just listen to the words of,Do the authors of this son of Columbia with a female companion is not a region to further collapse?
Men generally poor and low resistance can collapse,Valkyrie can not be judged on looks,This is common sense。
The white-haired cute little girl,It is estimated that the bodyguard Hanjiang it Gongzaigeer?
After all, the number of Hanjiang River in China on a mission to so few,Each time finding mission,What to disperse the collapse of the beast,In theory, the glories of support staff,DLevel combat power can do。
This account of Wang Guangming Li Xue future collusion Hanjiang,I didn’t tell Wang Guangming, Hanjiang is the main battle.。
So Wang Guangming still believes,Han Jiang is a long-term。