“……”All people argue。

Zhou Wei’s face,Smile is getting more and more,Standing next to Lin Dong,“master,Do not worry,I will definitely win him.。”
Lin Dong smiled,It’s just a glimpse of the eyes.。
At this time,Fire old looked up,Different in the look。
Surrounding sound,Quiet and quiet。
“This small friend refines this short sword……”Fire old,Discretion,“There are not many internal array nodes,But very big,It is more than doubled than Miss Zhou’s array.,If,Miss Zhou’s short sword is the words of delicate,Then this array in the short sword,It is big and uncomfortable,Have a glimpse。”
Fall into the voice,Originally a face of proud,The smile is gradually solidified.。
Fire old,“This kid’s internal array,It is foredras that need to be excited with twice the elementary force,So his attack power must be high,If a simple refiner,The quality of your two refiners is not upright。”
Merely,Swift,“but,If the method of the refiner will come,This little friend is stronger about mental control.,But Miss Miss is overlapping the array,To be more accurate。”
“Hool”As he finished,The short sword in the hands skyrocket,Even a knife,Then after being fired。
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Sound a sound。
Short sword bombards above the test,I turned out two lasm。
One of them is full of fullness and bright,And another one is slightly dim。
“A half level!”
Fire, follow the short sword,Faint,“If you are simply compared from attack power,This little friend wants to win and semi-finance,If it is in terms of integrity,Miss Miss’s http://www.ningbodianqi.cn short sword has great advantage。”
After the end,He smiled bitterly,Look at the blood, old and Lin Dong。
“As for two swords, it is strong and weak,Still two to judge。”
Just finished,Lin Dong smiled,“No such polite is required,It is Zhou Lou.。”
“master……”Zhou Wei immediately stayed,Follow the large change,Unbelievable。
“Losing is lost,No need to find a reason。”
Lin Dong faint road,“He refines the short sword,Attack power is stronger than you,This is very simple,It is also very intuitive。”
Zhou Wei’s eyelids are not blushing。
At this time,Snorge really forward,Hug,“Zhou Mi,Contrast。”
“I didn’t accept you.,This time you do your luck.,Next, I will win you.!”
The romance is really a confident smile.,“It’s better to play a bet.,Next time,If I am lucky again, I will win.,Write http://www.coilnail.cn a face,I want to eat with you.,how。”
Zhou Shanyi,I am screaming,“OK,If I won,You have to learn dogs。”
Song is really laughing,Can’t say,“Zhou Mi,Not I am going to,Young generation,No one can win me in the refinery,You can not,Others can’t。”
“you……”Zhou Shan’s face changed again,Gas-up。
“Ha ha,well said。”
Next to the blood, the monster, not only no blame is true.,Instead, a face appreciation。