Zhouzhi frowning。

槐 抠,Silly laugh,Like it is unknowing,This is also losing this.。
The hill village has already been in winter.。
Premature house、Most of the midths of the small diameter are all entered sleep,Better spare points for the spring of the next year。
Overnight,The grass is covered with a layer of white frost.,The entire hill village is also wrapped in a strong mist.。It’s faintly in the distance in the distance.,Like a duck egg yolk,Gradually have a few shallow golden light through the cloud layer,Scatter in the fog。
I want to come today is also a good weather.。
Xiao Zheng girl wrapped with thick 袄,Wool scarf and yarn gloves,Standing in the yard,The clear cheeks are a little red,Breathing into a white smoke。
She stood in the hospital and did not move.,From time to time。
Standing next to her。
There is also a small circle and old gray、Star Back and Sale White Two Adults,The residents of the hill village are here.。
This is from the time of the sun.,Flying a team of http://www.syw111.cn blood demon from the distance,More than a dozen,The latter is also good at the big demon who is also good at fighting with a few times.,Luxury lineup。
At the beginning, the star is still planning to test what is going on.,See you can regulate it from China,At least her is young“Rivers and lakes”Still very famous and status,However, the development of things did not give her a chance to the hostility of the evil spirits.,It is also unfair to meet the two parties.,Into directly。
Star back adult is very sensible to retreat。
Virtue adult,Since the people are obviously the official identity,I have been very understandable to him.,Since it is coming,It is full of being full。
Both sides just contact,It is a deficiency,Huge sound is more earthquame than Thunder,Impact Waves can cut the yam,They have to cover their ears,Far http://www.zyouka.cn away,Until the evil god, adepts the battlefield to move in the distance,Only a lot。
I can still listen to the Thunder Rolling.,Refreshing,And the rising red day,There is a kind of magical feeling。
“The god adult will not have something。”
Star back comfort Xiao Zheng girl,Games in this year,Although there is almost no negotiation with the evil,But share this place,Meet in the evening,How much also has some feelings,And her demon is a demon,Can’t help but。
“Virtue, the big people don’t have the abuse we think,Now I have changed many,In the next future,Maybe it is from now on。”
Xiao Zheng girl nodded but did not speak。
She knows that this war, adults will inevitably lose。
Maybe the evil spirits know,So he flew away from the unknown distant, his pride did not allow him to defeat in front of her.。
But http://www.treterc.cn if the evil god does not do this,The battle happened in front of her eyes,she does not know,Should she go to help??
If you go to help,Whether it is a blood demon or a big demon,Any one is not her young little teacher.,But it may be dragged down the gods, but it may also make this group of big demon.,Impossible。
But the gods are also want to leave.?
No response to the country,Don’t say that you want to go,I don’t mean that I want to stay.,I want to leave.?
Just he is too proud
He can only leave in this way。
Can not help,Will the evil spirits will be sad??
The rolling thunder is like suddenly near,Strusted from their ear,It seems to be in front of them、The two mountains hit together。
Thunder is still close。
With the roar of the god。
The sun is just melting the fog,Fast noon,The world in front of you has become clear,From the concentrated mist to the cloud,Just use maybe a minute。
A huge figure open wings,Background with blue sky,Soar。
Although I follow a lot of dots behind,Although the wings have broken the light,But that is no longer proud of it.,At this moment,He is the master of this sky,He is the only God of this small world.,Is the king between this cloud。
Xiao Zheng girl stands up with the direction。
The world is blurred,In the spot of the sun,Only the huge figure is clear,It seems that he is also looking to this direction。
Two eyesight。