I only left a fat woman in the emergency.、Chen Riyuan and Zhou Ye。

After some exchange discussions,Chen Riyuan and Zhou Ye have clear the cause of things.。
The original woman surnamed Wang,It is Xu Xu’s Yuanfang Girl,Not surnamed,Calling Wang Yuran。
When I heard this name,I was an anti-stomach when I was.。
I am going to your sister.,Note the name is not good?I have to give my childhood Jin Yong goddess!
Wang Yuran is thirty-three years old this year.,Two children,After http://www.weixinsucai.cn birth,This is always full of blessings,Not thin。
Just five days ago, she began the symptoms of fever throat.。
“Besides,Is there anything uncomfortable??”Zhou Ye asked。
Wang Yuran nodded:“some,I have recently found a hard block.。”
Hard block?
Suddenly Chen Riyuan and Zhou Ye have an exactly the same surprise。
This hard block is not a good sign.。
Since Wang Yuran appeared after the situation,Home is also anxious,Even the trustee left the back door,Directly handled in hospital,Very fast。
And the rear door of the trustee is to find Xu Xu’s body.。
Then Wang Yuran is also let Xu Xu specially find the best director in emergency.,Still hope to complete treatment in internal medicine。
Chen Riyuan took a case list,Flipped。
And Wichen walked over,Standing behind Chen Riyuan。
This is http://www.tywzt.cn close to the closing of the head to the end of the closure.,Zhou Ye I don’t want to miss it at all。
Chen Riyuan made Wang Zhenran explained his abnormal situation in his body.。
Listen,His eyebrows also wrinkled。
He is very concerned about this kind of armpit of this category.。
Looking at the clinical experience of Chen Riyuan decades,This is the most dangerous in the armpits.,Generally, it is not a good master.。
The most typical thing is lymphoma.!
Lymphoma is a painless lymphadenopathy,It’s just a swollen hard block.。
Besides,There is also such symptoms in such a disease like breast cancer.。
Many lymph node metastasis of malignant tumors are presented in a painless mass.。
At this time, Chen Riyuan looked up to Zhou Ye.:“Xiao Wu,Do you have your own ideas??”
Zhou Ye is a face,He does not have any knowledge reserves for this lymph node.。
“Chen Shu,This seems to be the Popular lymphadenopathy.?”Zhou Ye is hesitant to answer the way。
Chen Riyuan shook his head:“I think the whole painless symptoms of lymph nodes,Not a Popular lymphadenopathy,Going back tonight, we may pay more attention to the information to study the problems in this area.。”
After all, Chen Riyuan is the main respiratory department.,I don’t look at the experts of lymphoma in the end.,So preparing or going back and thinking down。
Say,Chen Riyuan is also turning to Wang Yuran:“At least in the current,Your condition is not optimistic,These phenomena are not good for cases.,Need to arrange as soon as possible to find out the specific situation。”
Chen Riyuan continues:“I have already opened you a test.,Then you hurry to apply for the following procedures.。”
Hear your own condition,Wang Yuran is also more sincere at this time.:“OK,OK,Thank you Director Chen,Next, I have to work.。”
Finish,Wang Yuran took the test application to leave the clinic.。