Han Jiang kills the beast can be said to be easy,Lita will not be because the other is the reason why the chess pieces are。

At present, the power in this situation is respect,How do you don’t twist her, I will not twist anything with Hanjiang.。
Space crack is getting bigger and bigger,Litta kept away from the center of altar。
Han Rong stands below the crack like a mountain,Waiting for something inside。
After waiting for a few seconds,Crack is stable,A body grows up to two meters from the inside。
Subsequently, there is a huge sword to fall from above.,Planted the next side of the previous fall。
Han Jiang fixed his eyes,This is not a different beast,Actually a person。
Because the appearance of the beasts pulled the movie outside the world,Then I accidentally fell in.?
The ability to shuttle world bubble is not difficult,Han Jianghui Fu Lai also will also。
After guiding Hanjiang,As long as there is a relatively stable place, Qi Yana can even do it.。
Drugs and Schr?dinger, who reverse entropy, rely on certain instruments, can also do,Is it a human person??
The people who fell down slammed from the ground.,The first thing is to find your own weapons。
This person is a head of Hanjiang high.,Heart is about two meters,Tiger,The shaped jams on the face combine like a lion,It is very mighty。
The man looked at the edge of the altar and burning.,Then look to Lita and Star,Finally, I fell on the body of Hanjiang.。
“Actually crashing the judgment collapse,It is worthy of the sages who can be respectful by the world.。”
Men lifts a broad sword to Hanjiang,Signature of the body is rumbled.。
“Are you the so-called starry?,We need you for your fire.,Walk with us.。”
“Fire?”Han Jiang wondered,Frowning:“what?”
Your own organization is called by Hanjiang so disrespectful,Man is full of anger,Just do it, but have hard studies, the sword。
“Our captain looks like you can,I hope you can go to the world with me.,Dislocation,Save the world,Want to open it out.,We can meet。”
Han Jiang is a bit not impatched by this person.,According to the intelligence world snake, the world’s bubbles in the quantum,Is there another similar organization??
Anyway, the other party recognizes the wrong,Han Jiang http://www.theq-hotel.cn also does not deny,Ask a clear card。
“tell me,Where do you come from??”
Men’s thick brow,It should be called。
after awhile,Say:“Watchtock,You know that this world has a thousand worlds.?”
“Your world is just a projection of thousands of people.,A small world attached to the owner?”
“On us, there can be a chance to make you fully play,There are many people in that world being suffering from corruption.,So we need your own amenities to help us。”
“Um?”Han Jiang, you said this:“as far as I know,There are three major power you said.,Reverse entropy,Temperate and the world snake,You are so fire”
Jin Mao big man suddenly served,“I didn’t expect Mr. Star in this small world bubble.,Actually learned the big event of the main universe,How did you know??”
Han Jiang is equipped with a finger,“Night view,http://www.sanyt.cnThis is a big star, making my chessboard for me.,So,What is your fire??”
“Mr. Gao Ming!”Jin Mao Dafanese collected a scornful,Like a student in front of a teacher,Honestly:“Mr. said that the three for a long time is only a long time.,Our department is um,how to say,Yes, the last era,Mr. can understand the human beings leaving ancient times。”
“It’s time that we have returned.,Just give us a little more time development,What is the three majors?。”
Han Jiang understands,The old man of the fire is self-proclaimed.,It is arrogant.。
Dr. Mei is just a moth that claims to chase the flame.,They fell to the fire directly,This is not modest.。