“Memorize,quick,Send your mother to the hospital。”Gu Yi said。

Gu Yi Lin looked at him,Anger:“Big brother,You still come over and help。”
Gu Yi, fast bending,Brother two people to help my mother,Quickly go to the elevator。
Gu Xihong also got up,Go out。
In the hospital full of disinfection,Lu Haoheng and Mu Ziyou rushed to the hospital。
All the way to the ward,His body of somework rushed into the ward,Lu Haocheng looked at the white bed,It is Blue Xin double lip edema by mapping it.,Cheek erythema,Multiple places such as neck swollen into a piece,At this time she is quietly lying quietly,I have already hit it.。
“Blue”He shouted his distressed。
how come
She is obvious that she is back to the office.,How to make an accident?His painful angry breath can’t control crazy abuse spread throughout the ward。
NS508chapter:Xiao Jun,Don’t do that

NS508chapter:Xiao Jun,Don’t do that
Blue and Ou Jing looked up at the painful。
“Lu Shu。”Xiao Jun called a sound,Red and big eyes look at Lu Hao Cheng。
Lu Haocheng saw him,See the small face is full of worry,A pair of red eyes,He is covered with the coat of European,The whole small man is set in it and is small and Meng。
Looking at his scared little face,He walked over,Picked up。
Look whisper comfort:“Xiao Jun,It’s fine,Your mother will be fine.,We are here to wake up here.。”
Lu Hao Cheng finished,Lift,Looking at the people who fall asleep on the bed,He is tightly underwent,Mouth,Highlight his pain and anger。
Blue 梓 俊 has been pressing emotions,In Lu Haocheng warm embrace,I really broke out at this moment.。
“Lu Shu,I am afraid.。”His tears are at this moment,Flood decoison,Fierce。
“Lu Shu,I won’t let the house better.,Bullying my mother,I don’t let me。”Blue Lujun’s first time in people,He even wisdom,It is also a child who is afraid of losing mom.?
Ou Jingyi listened to this,Looking at Blue Hands ,Know what he wants to do?
Heaven:“Xiao Jun,Don’t do that。”
Lu Haocheng suddenly looked at the European。
Ou Jing is silently looked at him.,I also understand how my son wants to do.?
He is a hacker,And there is a master to help,Deal with Gujia,People like them are such as means and capabilities。
His low channel:“Xiao Jun,Listen to uncle,We don’t do anything,Waiting for your mother to wake up,Let’s make a decision.?”
Blue Hand listened to him,Suddenly,http://www.21drink.cn my body’s blood suddenly rushed to the bottom of my head.,He lifted,A pair of clear eyes is all burst,His cold and alienated tone slowly:“Lu Shu,Do my mother now looks not bad enough??You said that you have to protect your mother.,You have to take care of your mother for a lifetime.,I will default to our home.,But you”
Blue 梓 俊 angry twisted head,Don’t look at him,Looking at mother red face,His whole person is more angry,That’s a flavor,Let the Muzi who stands on the side, I have a chilly.。
His heart has to sigh,This child and Hao Cheng paragraph are very like,Don’t be a father and son。
Lu Haocheng looked at Xiaojun,Quite helplessness,Laun’s sex like him,Stubborn。
If the other party is other person,Don’t say this,He nature will not let the other party。
But the other party is blue-blue parent,Rowned,No matter http://www.hbsmgg.cn what。
He whispered:“Xiao Jun,Your mother doesn’t have to want you to do this.。She has always been very kind,Never want you to report it again。Your mother is treated and wide,Always standing in the perspective of others.。so,Xiao Jun,I know you can do it.,But you can’t do that,You will understand later。”
Lan Wei Handsome,Green tooth, anger, watching him,Big eyes,Blue 梓 俊 still supports,Welcome to Lu Haocheng deep deep and popular。
Blue 梓 俊 looks at the delicate facial features,At this time I also look at myself.,Lan Yan’s face,Like yourself。