He just sent a striker,Sitting in the town。

But how long does it take?。
Suddenly I am aware of a terrible murderous murderous。
But seeing an Optimatus sweeping,啦,Tian Bingtian will not block,Hold seventeen eight。
Totta Tianwang’s finite is a record,Body and blood explosion。
The body blooms fierce light。
He immediately western Pagoda。
But it is too late。
That Optimus Pradicing into 10,000 sticks,Greeting the Toy That。
Poor this vertical ancient king,I don’t know how much black stick between myself.,Be uncommon。
Linglong Tower wants to protect the master,Several hundred sticks,Linglong Pagoda is also honest。
Shim monkey peony,Tower。
One hand Totta,Make a stick,Retreat countless。
Blood pool is the same,Look at the exquisite Pagoda is not self-ban。
“Good treasure,I can’t find a gift to give the Master。”
Shiji drinking water,And it is impossible to give up the Master of Master.。
Get a pagoda,Depending on the avatar,Returning to the five-way mountain。
But one go to five parties,The pagoda fly in,Shim monkey can’t go,Have a closed door。
“Monkey,If you still rely on my thoughts,I have no big horror between life and http://www.onlinelawhelp.cn death.,Just this,More certificates。I don’t have to see me later.。”
Shi monkey helpless,I have to leave。
Shiji force,Wei Ming Yusheng。
But I don’t know.,Early infinite causality,Things that are invisible,The more it is more and more。
It is the root of magic robbery,Even if you don’t afford,Others will come to find it。
The cause of this world will be attributed to the stone monkey, no matter how。
And stone monkeys will also be self-taught.,More and more difficult to break free。
This is the emperor、Duobao Tianzheng has already understood things,So I didn’t worry.。
What can you still get a stone monkey?,Use these factors to bind Suzhou in the five-way mountain,Give more。
Five-way mountain,Su Then’s Linglong Pagoda,Unwanted merits have a place。
This exquisite tower is deep,Light fire。
This is the http://www.lkgov.cn Dharma for burning ancient Buddha,It is also the residue of ancient Buddha。
Among them, the light is not thinking。
Natural and Su Chen。