Unfortunately, I just passed to the third turn.,It is stirred by the little fish.……

《Fossil》Injury,Also very obvious,Later, Murong Jiu was so easy to be scared by the little fish.,Mainly because《Fossil》Emotional limit。
And now Murong in the big rivers and lakes,The age is ten years older than Murong,More than ten years of skill,Already《Fossil》Practice the realm of impacting the seventh http://www.tongshuntc.cn turn!
Coupled with Mu Rong’s home,If you can break through this,Murong……Dare to slip Shaolin!
However, it is more dangerous when breaking.,The wind wave is evil in the side of the Chu Deirers.,I dare not say that Murong Follow is the crucial time of practice.,otherwise……In case he knows,What should I do??
Fortunately, Murong is refurbished is not dead.,Midway can also come out to entertain one or two,In order not to distinguish,Wind wave evil is not mentioned,Just notify other three hearts and abdomen,Come to Murong Restoration。
Also notify ABs to prepare,If you don’t have a critical moment now,Just call the master of the master,If it is not uniform……Can be a vacation!
Although it is the best at Aizhu.,But there are many people’s skin masks and easy accessories in the lives in the mountains.,And Abi will also fake。
When coming to Murong Mountain,The wind is evil to see Abi in front of the door,A heartbeat——It seems that the master is not a matter of time.。
Although you can pretend,But this is always a risk of being seen.。
“Chu Chuzi,I said that I said that I have been leisure.,Come to Murong Mountain Villa,You can make a veins!”Abi,Strain and say hello to the Chu Deirers.。
Although there are two Miss Miss,But no matter from“Ancestor”Angle、Still from the position of the rivers and lakes,Chu Deirers can’t ignore。
Chu Deirers don’t remember,When I have said to be a guest,But Abi said so,Chu Deirers also followed the modest sentence。
After walking near,Abi saw Chu Deirens also have no shelves,Although I want to be worshiped on my face,Overflow,But as long as you admire,Immediately……Still very good?
So Abi also asked:“Chu Chuzi knows how A Zhu has recently been??”
At the beginning, Abi knew some of the minds of Aizhu.,I heard that after the rumor of Jujianzhuang,Under the heart“Ugly girl”The identity is suspected,After that, there is no news in Aizhi.,I am thinking in my heart.。
“A Zhu should now be with my big brother.,I want to be very good。”Chu Deirers also answer her whispered。
Aizhou is not willing to know others……
As for the descendant,Chu Deirers are not worried,After all, Qiao Feng now knows that Duan Zheng is the friend of Duan Yu.,Moreover, there is a meticulous analysis of Chu Deirers.,Will be the main suspect to Shaolin。
Even if Kang Min really wants to kill people,Qiao Feng will definitely verify,Impossible to appear Oolong in the original。
Although the two Miss is coming,But now the main guest,Obviously the Chu Deirers,Therefore, Ai is also the front hall of Murongshanzhuang.,This is also the first time“formal”See Murong Fu……
Chapter 333 Murong Fu
“Chu brother is driving,Han Raffle……Nearly,The name of the Chu brother,But I can’t hear it.,Unfortunately, the Japanese brother is familiar with me.,But you are always confused.,I have to meet today.,Nice to meet you。”Murong refused to see the Chu Deiren,Seems to be Chen、Can be thin, but it is full of yin and yang.。
This is also the first time Chu Deirers see Murong Fu.“True”,After all, pretending to Li Yanzong,He is a beard that is full of faces,And easy to accommodate。
At this time,This Murong is a small face of a griente face.,And Chu Deirers, such as Shuanglang,Different。
What else“I can’t hear it.”、“Cooked with me”,It seems that the Chu Deirers have many shocks.,What is the relationship with Wang Yizhen still not in whisper?!
Before, in Apricot Forest,He should not know his own“Mud”NS?
Why is it yin and yang??
Chu Deirers are confused,I will understand it.——More than half, the more you http://www.okyixin.cn want to get too much,Don’t twist,After all, Murong Fu is a person who is twisted.,Don’t meet him!
“Where,Murong Gongzi is also known as my big brother,Chu, I have a thought and visit.,Just like this,Chu Mou also is also troublesome。”Chu Deirers decided to give him a face。
“Chu Danken,This son is happy too late.,Where is it for your stay??Already ready to prepare a thin wine,Also hope that Chu brother should not disappear。”Murong said,I will invite Chu Deirers directly.。
Indeed that I have been going to dinner.……
Abi leads everyone to the banquet,Murong Recovery is an excuse to be the mother.,First retreat first。
Murong and Wang Yin、Zhang Jing two cousins,It’s just simply say hello.,There is no inquiry。
Small fish eyes turn,On the road, the small voice said to the Chu Deirers.:“Chu Hexia,The surrounding http://www.lyzhizuo.cn South Muro seems to be not related to you.,Welcome you again and?”
Chu Deiren heard,Solver frown:“nonsense,Murong Gongzi always admires my character!”
Small fish:……
So a reminder by the little fish,Chu Deirers also feel that they are not big,Can not think too much——After all, Murong Fu is a person who is twisted.!
Dinner is still a dinner,The host’s Murong’s small case,There are only a few vegetarian dishes,White water。