The texture is very complex,Lines and symbols that a teenager has never seen,Various arrangements are extremely tight,But they don’t cross each other,Like a maze,Enticing him to wander around,Find a way out,But soon lost his way。

at first,Teenagers can still struggle instinctively,But soon he didn’t move,The precious things in the body can no longer be controlled,Get out,Is a very dim white shadow,That is the soul of a boy,The head and shoulders of the phantom have been completely deformed,Seems to be absorbed by the complicated texture。
The phantom roared silently,But it doesn’t help,Soon his chest and arms were also deformed,Seeing to be sucked into the invisible texture,The young man was unable to support and finally fainted。
A sigh suddenly appeared in the hall,Not loud,But very penetrating,Full of vicissitudes,Suddenly, the vortex on the wall stopped,And those colorful ribbons that have become beautiful ribbons have signs of messy in the short stillness。
The extremely black eyeball that is about to protrude from the center of the whirlpool seems to be frightened,In panic, quickly disappeared towards the center,It’s just that the phantom of the young soul is about to be completely inhaled,Eyeballs seem to be unwilling,Suddenly turned back,But when it moved to the phantom, it suddenly stopped drinking,“Duh!”
This sound is like a heavy hammer,Erupting from the depths of the hall,The powerful sound waves run through countless complicated spaces,Shocked all those invisible textures into powder,And that insatiable eyeball is like a frightened bird,Disappear instantly without a trace,The center of the vortex is missing,Those colorful ribbons suddenly turned into chaotic graffiti。
After all, the white phantom could not be taken away by the mottled color of the wall,Slowly returned to the boy’s body。
“Thanks for helping。”Entrance to the main hall,A figure appeared,The black linen shows the dots of the white robe lining,It is Huo Tianzun。
“It’s the Holy Spirit?”Another figure suddenly appeared。
Huo Tianzun does not answer,Walk quickly to the boy and lean over,Okay,The soul was not taken away in the end,It’s just that my mind was shaken,Will recover slowly after rest。
“how is it?”
“May matter,Just quite dangerous!”Huo Tianzun frowns,Staring at the wall on the left,At this time, it has completely restored its simple and mottled appearance,I was full of shock and anger,One of the wonders of this hall,On the left wall,Also known as the sensory eye。
It can perceive hostility from outside,As long as there is a suitable medium,No matter how far away the enemy hides,Or any space in the universe,As long as you are hostile to the Hall of Five Elements,Or hostility towards the most important figures in the Five Elements Palace,This wall will react differently,The way the whirlpool just now represents the highest level of hostility,So it’s very dangerous。
The shock of Huo Tianzun lies in the object of the hostility.,Obviously the teenager who fainted on the ground,Not the Five Elements Palace,It shows that the Holy Spirit of the Hall of Five Elements has a high degree of recognition for young people,Already regarded as the most important person,Even keeps pace with his Huo Tianzun。
This is what Huo Tianzun never expected,Three days ago,He just announced in the hall that the boy is his personal disciple,According to the protection and pride of the Holy Spirit,The degree of urgency will be far outnumbered,Even this hostility doesn’t require the Holy Spirit to act,But the reality is so incredible,There must be some other reason,Huo Tianzun will not understand for a while。
The other figure who came with Huo Tianzun simply sat cross-legged in the hall,Left hand fisted,Fist up,Half hanging at waist,Open the palm of your right hand and slowly cover your left chest,This is an action that doesn’t feel ritual,But it caused the atmosphere in the whole hall to change immediately。
The companion is communicating with the Holy Spirit,And Huo Tianzun stood with his head down,Seems aloof,The truth is,In view of the danger that appeared in the hall just now,Have to guard against other accidents。
Not much effort,Companion hands up,“The Holy Spirit cannot tell where the hostility just came from,Seems to be a very distant world。”
“Then this……”Huo Tianzun pointed at the boy,Although he is precious,Is the actual helm of the Five Elements Palace,But the aspect of communicating with the Holy Spirit,He is not like a companion。