She is afraid she encounters trouble.,Just follow the past。

Blue Xin helpless,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng’s Yao Yao’s handsome,“This is not what I am far away from her.,But I don’t take care of her.,She will automatically find the door.。”
Lu Hao was quietly looked quietly.,Low voice:“Blue,She doesn’t want you to go back to Gu Jia,And I dodnaWhen identified,Her replacement of parent-child identification,Later, she didn’t believe it.,I have done it several times.,She already knows your identity.,She is very dangerous。”
Gu An’an’s woman will always act.,He saw Gu Anan like spit。
Blue Xin:“Forehead”I rubbed,There is something like this。
This thought,Gu Anan is very early in the morning.,It should be aware of her identity.。
NS595chapter:Lion big opening
Lu Haozheng saw her not believe,Slightly,Repeatedly:“Blue,That day you go to the Haicheng,She suddenly did another parent-child identification,Although I was secretly changed.,But your big brother is determined,After that, she should do it again.,Determine your identity。
so,After she and Lu Haokai are engaged in,Only there is a rolling staircase,I want to put the two two families.。”
Come on this matter,Lu Haokai is angry with a belly。
If it is not a secret monitoring,This time,How can Qin Ning and Lu Haokai will so easily。
Blue Xin sigh,Pass a moment,Hesitate,Say:“I don’t want me to retrospective reasons I know.,She thought more.,Careful style,Even if I go back to Gu Jia,I should give Gu An’an,Gu family will not be less,But Gu Anan does not know satisfaction。
In other words,I will not review my home now.,Will stay outside。”
Lu Haozheng:“Blue,She wants to get more。”
Gu An An Yi, I heard that Gu’s family,Immediately climb the Shang Lu Haokai。
If this time I really have an accident,Gu Ai’an will definitely refrain in the first time and Gu Jia.。
“I know,but,We can’t stop there is a far-minded person.,If she doesn’t cherish the current life,Then she is in the self-ending。
Palette,With its things about others,It is better to worry about my five organs.,I am very hungry now.。”
Lu Haozheng shook his head,It’s really a little girl who is afraid.。
“go,I will take you to sacrifice the top of the top。”
Lu Haoheng launched a car,Go to his plan。
Since you don’t go back,He is next to him.,Little woman with him,Touching a touch。
Xiao Jun, they will soon start school.,Seven years ago,He has not yet and blue blue,I don’t know if there is a chance tonight.。
This thing he doesn’t want to hide again.,Blue heart hesitation,It is also because of Xiao Jun, their brothers and sisters.,She is afraid that Xiao Jun brothers and sisters will be hurt.。
Looking at a roof,He found a lot of problems。
Lan Xin smiled,For Gu An Ann,She is not too popular,After all, I am worried about others.,Not what she will do.。
Her own thing has a lot of hard treatment.,No time to take care of others。
She suffers from a small life.,What is faced now?,Both are strong enough。
Twisted childhood,Memory of branding,I think of the past now.,She is very incomparable to those suffering from the past,Rich life experience is like this。
Gu Anan doesn’t cherish everything now.,Maybe you will lose all,back to the start。
She appears outstanding,It is better than the general people.,As long as she regulates the torque,Is it still awkward??
Just understand her understanding,How is Gu Anan are a woman who lives with peace of mind??
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin not talking,Remind:“Blue,Yao Yaojing is a very memorable person,Wide a wide range of people in the design,Be careful。”
Today’s pouring wine,Absolutely unsuccessful。
“I know。”
Blue Xin is slightly sinking,In the design industry a few years,She also appreciates the information of many designers.。
Although Yao Yaojing is a senior designer,But her reputation seems not much.,Many designers have been suppressed by her。