“The bronze conference is very likely to be launched?”Lin Feng wrote a cold and cold:“it is good,it is good,it is good,I am ready,Grandfather,Let Liu Shu,Night father,I will teach you to the thunder.,You have a hard work to improve strength,In addition, the Dongxing contact Snake Uncle,Li Shu two。”

NS297chapter Corpse
“Maple,You really decided?”Cheng Tianlong heard the gods:“This matter is serious。”
“good,I think you have a better thing alone.,We would rather not this set of skills。”Mu Jun Wang also downgry:“Once the leak,For our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is a devastating blow。”
“Undoubted,Doubt。”Lin Feng stood up and carrying his hands:“I can control the situation,You can rest assured.,Whether it is Li Shu,Sail uncle,Or you are all people I believe.,Now this set of gods temporarily,Recognize life and death in lightning,I hope that all of you will be promoted to the world.。”
Mu Jun and Cheng Tianlong two people nodded。
“Qinglong Chamber of Commerce has also reached the most crisis.,Bronze Conference Held,I feel that they must be difficult。”Lin Feng looks calmly:“Originally, I want to use Tang’s forces.,But Tang Shu has clearly said,He may not manage it.。”
“Well said。”Cheng Tianlong also nodded:“Just happened,Fengyun also said,Tang family has a voice against Tang Dynasty,And the owner of this sound seems to go to the southeast direction.,This is the original words of Fengyun。”
Lin Feng heard his face,Although Tang Fengyun did not say,But it is very clear,That is a middle-class person of Tang family, http://www.industrialgloves.cn I am afraid I have to stand in Leijia.。
This medium-sized column-level person directly stuck the throat of the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,Let the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce are very likely to stop Tang’s support。
“All right,In short, everyone is careful.。”Lin Feng pensive:“I let Dongxing pay attention to everyone from Zhongzhou City.,To detect the position,Once Feng Shui,We shoot。”
“That’s good。”Cheng Tianlong heard the slice,When you turn around。
“Only this method is now。”Mu Jun also nodded。
“Do not worry,Who wants to have a heartman?,怪 我 心 手 手,When you get a good wine!”Lin Fengji has a cold cold,He has a dark airflow in his palm.。
It is the gas flow of five poison,This airflow direct transformation,Email a gas stream containing life-saving,This gas flow is extremely alcohol,Contains vast life,Then, http://www.leaderyoung.cn this power contains the power of a strong life, and the power is again converted into a poisonous gas.。
“it is good!”Mu Jun Wang Wen Yan nodded:“Less than 10,000,dont play with fire,If you let the five poison people discover,Will get out of the big disaster。”
“I see,Do not worry。”Lin Feng heard the words,The airflow in his hand disappeared directly.。
Mu Jun Wang Wen Nodded,Immediately turn around。
Lin Feng’s figure came to the side of the lake lake,The lake edge breeble huge explosion sound,A sound similar to the sound of the dragon,Snoring,A golden big hizza fly out,Scales are like gold castings。
“day,Laozi sleeps for a few days?”The golden big snake swings with the tail to draw a few words on the beach.。
“Your sister,You said that I have slept for a few days.。”Lin Feng is not a good way:“Three days,You http://www.zhengrongmaozhi.cn guess, where I guess this time.?”
“Where have you been??Your sister,I feel that you are in danger.!”Golden big rhable suddenly,I don’t know why,It feels a dangerous breath from Lin Feng’s body.。
To know that it is very powerful now,Retunizing body among lightning,Its powerful broiler is better than Lin Feng,The speed is more than the power of the realm,Do not,Maybe a few more than those general people.。
And it can instantly enter the earth.,Also practice Daily Heart,The true gas contains no life,paralysis,It now I really want to find a martial arts.。
However, this hunting thought of seeing Lin Feng’s time.。
“I went to Tang family.!”Lin Feng smiled and explained。
“I rubbed,Tang family!”Golden big huns suddenly violent,It seems to rise to a golden flame,This is the last time I went to Tang family to pick the millennium blood ganoderma lucidum.,Almost did not happen,So it has a great resentment against Tang family.。
“Don’t get angry,brother!”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I tell you about it.,And the crisis faced by our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is telling it。”
“Your sister,Brother never suffers from the Lord。”Golden big snake sway this tail:“Say!”
Lin Feng wondered,I haven’t hidden,When this time I go to Tang family, I’m telling it.,The golden big snake rises from the horror at the beginning.,Seems to be angry,But later looked at Lin Feng’s eyes and rays.。
When Lin Feng finished,Golden big snake is a huge head,Several words:“Your sister,Buddha angry Golden Line to Laozi,tester!”
“Your sister,Can’t give!”Lin Feng heard that he did not have a good way:“You also know,We now have three big bronze forces,They can’t help but kill the door.,They won’t notice you,But the four elders are different.,I am afraid it is the object they focus on.。”
“wipe!”Golden big puppet disdain:“As long as these four guys do not leave the square,I can distinguish strangers come,In other words,Stranger is awkward,Don’t tell Laozi’s killers,Laozi still doesn’t care!”
“real?”Lin Feng heard the surprise。
“Depend on,What to lie to you?,Let him four guys practiced on the mountain,Don’t go。”Golden big snake draws a few words:“hurry up,Give one,This Buddha angry is a killing,Even if a test product can also rehabilitate the strong semi-step。”
“My day,Give you one!”Lin Feng did not hesitate,Directly gave a Buddha angry Jinlian handed it to the golden big snake。