槐 点,Continue to burn:“Minggong and all the teachers are different,He is very strong,Unique strong,When he met as a human peak, he may add four demon kings to play him.,Is it like a hanging??”
“A bit。”
“right,I hate people hanging.。”槐 序,“The spirit of Tianshi is destined,But he endless。”
“Then I am……”
“I guess you may be like Ming Kong.。”槐,“Because the changes in each century are all layers,In this century, this century should be reserved.。”
There is no 吭 周。
槐 序 向,Both eyes flourish some memories:“Ming Gong also is like you,Is a sexuality,He likes flowers and reading books,Sometimes I will go to the city to listen to the song.,Go to find friends to sit chatting chat。He has a lot of monsters,Because he said that the monsters are pure,I have lived for many years.,very interesting,Finally, he even simply became a monster.,Unfortunately, my memory is not recovered.,For him,Not much remember……”
“He is also close to the monster。”Zhou Guided the direction of the topic。
“right,If not,I am afraid that the monster’s loss will be very heavy at the time of the century.。”槐 序,“His presence is balanced pillars monsters and humans。”
“Then he……”Week from hesitated at,“In this time I also do like me weak?”
“what are you thinking about!”
Huai order could not help laughing,I took a week off shoulder:“He was much weaker than you okay!Do you have at least the teachings of the great devil,And he did not even qigong wave will not let you do this time!”
Having paused Huai order:“Not to mention where you are weak?The ground is also considered a powerful role monster,You are not a garbage moves through playing profuse package,Do you want to win Lin Zhong?”
No waiting,He laughed out Wuzui:“Library library library library!I have to beat Lin Chung does library database library……”
A few emerge from the periphery of the black line on the forehead。
Huai order quickly adjust the expression,Continue from said Zhou:“Lin Chung was young demon king is currently not born,And it is a man of great monster insideboss……Since ancient times can lick his Fearless I am afraid it was only a Kung Ming。”
“Oh oh!I’ve forgotten it all,If you do the same thing and Kung Ming,Even if you are only practicing qigong wave,right,This practice only,It does not take too long to be played before the bell forest。”
“This http://www.cdczjx.cn way.。”
Zhou continued to look out the window from。
He feels that he can also learn other spells,For example, Xiao Zheng girl gold,He math——
Xiao Zheng girl has been staying in the mountains.,Summit,Make it to practice gold every day for six hours.,I have learned this point in seven or eight years.,Compare with Chunshan Taoist,Should be enchanting。If you have awareness, like her,Do open class and watch TV series every day、Human fun、Repeatedly peeking Li Dahui’s hammer、Currency……Wait for time。
Because the average two hours,It takes only 20 years to learn Xiao Zheng’s point.!
This is really……
If you give up the class、Allocation,楠、If you play together……Forget it!
correct,He still needs to finish the book.,Because spells have a certain difficulty,Cannot be a。Not saying that I have to learn today.,Add a http://www.11yiyi.cn skill point,Over time.。It requires a layer of progress,Little stacking,At least you have to put the basics of the box、Simple spiritual use master,Can you start to overcome advanced spells?。
Zhou is recently doing this。
Slow progress。
Fortunately,I don’t have to learn Xiao Zheng girl to harvest more powerful strength.。
Maybe he spends five years to learn gold silk,The ultimate killing force has not been spent for five years.,But the functionality of spell is also the advantage that it is not ignored.。
Zhouzhi,序:“I think that the bead on my back may be someone else.。”
“How to say?”